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Looking Back at 2023: Dannell's Lampshade Making Blog

With 2023 fast drawing to a close, we’re taking a look back at another inspiration packed year on the Dannells blog! From new products and services to inspire your lampshade making, to unique and creative lampshade making tutorials, along with our much loved peeks behind the scenes to meet our talented lampshade makers, we hope 2023 has energised your lampshade making! We can't wait to do it all again in 2024!

New Lampshade Services

Supporting over 1500 professional lampshade makers and thousands of hobby makers, 2023 was a year of helping you further, whichever category you fall into to create unique lampshades. Launching our two new fabrics, luxurious satin and hardwearing 100% natural cotton, means whatever your design, we can guarantee an expanded choice of high-quality fabrics in our Lampshade Fabric Printing Service.

In August, to bring all of our lampshade-making resources under one roof, we launched our Lampshade Making Library so that you can easily access our brochures flyers, Needcraft Lampshade Kit instructions and technical guides. In addition, to support our Professional lampshade Makers, our Workshop Directory means our budding lampshade makers can easily find a workshop near to them.

Playing with Lampshade Materials

We’ve had fun in 2023 recreating popular high street lampshade trends with our own creative twist, and of course, our Lampshade Materials. The 2023 trend for ‘natural interiors’ inspired our Parchment Lampshade with Leather Thong Trim tutorial, and Cork Sewing Bin Kit #Hack showing you how to create beautiful lampshades and home accessories. A special mention goes to our timeless Rattan Lampshade tutorial, created using our lampshade expertise and supplies, so you can make one too! And we couldn’t resist pleating our way into Christmas, with a Pleated Paper Lampshade, that frankly is perfect for any time of the year!

Meeting our Makers

It’s no secret that we LOVE our Lampshade Makers and it’s always a pleasure finding out more about who they are, how their style influences their lampshade making and their hints and tips for being in the lampshade making business in our Meet the Maker interviews ! 2023 was another year of meeting designers and makers of all kinds of beautiful lampshades, and if you have a spare hour, we encourage you to dive into their stories!

New products

Constantly innovating new products using our lampshade making supplies, 2023 was the year of the statement Table Lamp Base, a fun and customisable alternative to regular lamp bases which can be made from co-ordinating or matching fabric alongside your lampshade. Available in three sizes, including a super-sized 130cm standard lamp base.

To meet the demand of our 5,000 strong Lampshade Makers Facebook Forum, we launched our new and exclusive Black and Gold ringsets, designed to elevate and bring a luxury aesthetic to your handmade lampshades.

And Finally….

One of our most popular posts of 2023 was How to Choose the Perfect Sized Lampshade, an interior conundrum that everyone wants to know the answer to! With clear guidance and visuals, it seems our blog post has become the definitive guide to making a lampshade that compliments your base!


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