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We are passionate about lampshade making because we have been involved in the industry for such a long time — our business was founded in 1982 in Hackney, East London, as Martin Dannell & Co Ltd. The Company manufactured a broad range of lampshade making products and provided many services for the vibrant manufacturers who used to supply the retailers back in the day.


We now operate from a 20,000 sq ft factory in Essex and employ about 30 dedicated staff, most of whom have been with the Company for decades. We are proud to be a British manufacturer and are members of the BMFQ. We have always been known as Dannells and recently changed our name to Dannells Limited when our founder Martin Dannell retired. Martin is very wisely spending much less time with us and far more time on holiday and the business is today run by Jamie Dannell & David Little and their staff.

Jamie & David have been with the companies for nearly 40 years and have vast experience in the industry.

We love the creativity of new designs, interacting with artistic and productive people and we also try hard to educate people on how to make lampshades themselves, either to coordinate with their home or for their friends or family or business. We have started a very successful forum that offers lampshade makers knowledge support and inspiration.


We work on many different levels with a wide range of individuals and groups including the public, designers, entrepreneurs, retailers, tradespeople, schools and educational establishments who may need some friendly help and technical advice.  We speak with everyone, so if you need any help at any time you can call us, we would be pleased to help in any way we can.

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