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New Product – Black and Gold Lampshade Ringsets

Updated: Mar 28

Take note! Dannells NEW and EXCLUSIVE Black and Gold Drum Lampshade Ringsets have just landed!

Specifically designed to elevate your handmade drum lampshades and available in our three most popular ringset sizes, these striking Lampshade Ringsets open up a world of contemporary lampshade possibilities! Sitting perfectly with the current interior trends for modern industrial lighting, our Matt Black Lampshade Ringsets definitely adds a touch of drama, whereas our gorgeous Vintage Gold Lampshade Ringset gives an air of high-end luxury and elegance, for totally lavish lampshade making.

We’re brimming with ideas and inspiration for these fabulous new ringsets, so as well as a full product breakdown for each, we're sharing our favourite complementary lampshade making supplies to accentuate our NEW Black and Gold Ringsets - think striking metallic laminates, transformational textile tape and our sumptuous linen and velvet fabric ranges!

Back to Black

Black lighting adds a bold industrial feel to clean, modern interiors, yet also echoes the look and feel of the 50s and 60s fitting with more retro-styled homes. Ideal for recreating either look are our Matt Black Lampshade Ringsets and being neutral, they have the added benefit of complementing many of our Stick-It® Lampshade Making PVCs, from our wow factor Metallic Copper, Gold and Silver Stick-It® Lampshade PVCs to the crisp simplicity of our Standard Stick-It® Lampshade PVC.

Quality-wise, they are everything you would come to expect from our professional lampshade making products and are expertly sprayed in a low-sheen matt black paint, with a beautifully smooth finish, ready to use with a fabric of your choice for a bespoke lampshade.

Highlighting their full potential and versatility, we’ve made this contemporary hotel vibe lampshade below, suitable for with a table or pendant light, using our Chatham Linen Fabric in Ochre, Standard Stick-It® Lampshade PVC and two carefully applied strips of black Self-Adhesive Textile Tape, positioned 0.5cm away from the top and bottom edge, as an elegant finishing touch. We love the contrast of the timeless, neutral linen against the Matt Black Lampshade Ringset and the black tape, accenting the metalware.

Sizes: 20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameter ringsets.

Fittings: European lampholder (E27) and UK lampholder (B22)

Coating: Matt Black durable paint, with a smooth sheen

Going for Gold

Taking your handmade lampshade to the next level, our Gold Lampshade Ringset will add nothing short of glitz and glamour, especially when paired with fabrics that have rich colours or textures, with the obvious choice being a plush velvet.

Available in three sizes - 20cm, 30cm and 40cm - making them suitable for stand-out pendants and table lampshades, each Gold Lampshade Ringset has been professionally coated in a ‘Vintage Gold’ durable paint, ensuring lasting quality. Additionally, each ringset can be used with a European Lampholder (E27), as pictured or be converted for use with a UK lampholder, (B22) by fitting the Reducer/Converter Adapter that’s included with the ringset.

From a colour perspective, the ringset matches perfectly with our Gold Brushed Stick-It® and Spanish Metallic Stick-It®Lampshade Making PVC which offers an extra element of decadence, elevating your lampshade to a high-end product. This said we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the ‘modern chic vibe’ created by the combination of a Gold Lampshade Ringset and our Standard Stick-It® Lampshade PVC.

Sizes: 20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameter ringsets.

Fittings: European lampholder (E27) and UK lampholder (B22)

Coating: Vintage Gold durable paint, with a dull finish

Vintage Filament bulbs

Our Black and Gold Lampshade Ringsets will definitely bring an extra level of detail to your lampshade making, but why not take this one step further? By using a Vintage Filament Bulb inside your handmade lampshade it becomes an even more eye-catching focal point for your room, creating a warm glow, that’s stylish at the same time.

Finishing touches

If you’re a stickler for detail, our Black Spray Paint and Gold Spray Paints may come in handy. The Reducer/Coverter Adapter included with the ringset is supplied in white plastic, yet is hidden within the two parts either European (E27) or UK (B22) lampholder, therefore not visible to the eye, but by simply spraying these to match, you can achieve a completely black or gold overall look.


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