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Needcraft Kits - Easter holiday kids crafting ideas

With the Easter holidays upon us it's time to get imaginative with some of our Needcraft Kits.

As inspiring and easy to make for kids as they are for adults, we've put together five ideas for turning our kits into entertaining child-friendly activities with exciting end results. It's time to play and get creative!

1. Lantern Making Kit

The nights are already lighter and we’ve a feeling that there might be a (small) Easter garden party or two on the horizon.

Create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere with our Needcraft Lantern Making Kits, ideal for both outdoors and in. Using only 35cm wide x 15cm of fabric they’re a perfect for using up left over fabrics from interiors projects.

Plus, they're easy to make, especially for kids, who's hands are the perfect size for tucking in the fabric. With four lanterns in a pack (with or without electronic tea lights), the kids can make fab gifts for friends and family you might not have seen for a while or as a ‘thank you’ gift for your next garden party host!

2. Textile Wall Art Kits

Spring cleaning isn’t only to make sure those nooks and crannies that haven’t been looked all winter get shown a cloth, but also for refreshing and reinventing your home.

If you’re all a little fed up with your own four walls (who isn’t?) we might have the answer! Our astonishingly ingenuous and effective Textile Wall Art Kits allow you to turn your favourite fabric designs into unique and beautiful pieces of wall-art within minutes. Available in a variety of shapes, circles, rectangles and squares, they’ll easily find a place in a room near you!

Make the kits a school holiday friendly project, by using a plain fabric combined with a pack of fabric markers. Let the kid’s imaginations go wild as they create their own piece of wall art!

3. Make and Paint Lampshade Kit

Great to have in the cupboard ready for a rainy day - it is April after all :) - our Make and Paint Lampshade Kits are brilliant for adults and kids alike!

Use simple painting techniques, such as stippling, flicking, dabbing, dragging, dry-brush and rag rolling to create fun patterns that come to life when you switch on the light. With white cotton fabric already adhered to the lampshade making PVC, all you have to do is paint and make!

Watch our Make and Paint Lampshade Kit You Tube video below for more ideas on how to achieve different painted shades.

4. Needcraft Square Clock Making Kits

We’re crazy about clocks at the moment! If you haven’t seen last week’s our contemporary washi tape clock post, check it out here. It's a fun project to try with the kids as anything goes, but why not try it with our Square clock kit?

Adding a real point of difference to your room, it’s also a useful shape if you want to print a message or photo onto your fabric first, using our Fabric Printing service . Each kit is also supplied with two sets of clock hands in black and white, so you can pick a set to coordinate with your design.

5. Sewing Bin Making Kit

A long weekend, gives you the chance to get on top of those jobs that you've been putting off, and being a creative sort you may find you’ve a deluge of craft materials from your many lockdown projects.

Take some time for yourself to organise and store all those crafty bits and pieces, ready for your next projects. Enter the Sewing Bin Making Kit, that make the ideal sturdy storage to keep your projects and craft materials in, in a good-looking, but easy-to-access way. Better still you can make your kit to match your stylish crafting space by selecting your colour and pattern of fabric.

Measuring 45cm long x 20cm wide x 21cm high, each kit has a central handle making it easy to pull out of its final resting place. And we’ll let you into secret…they’re not just for sewing materials - we found these kits are perfect for knitting needles due to their length!

For more inspiration and to learn how to make a simple divider for your Sewing Bin Making Kit , take a look at our sewing room storage ideas post.

Happy Easter from Dannells - 'make' it good one!


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