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Washi tape clock making kit DIY tutorial

Perfect for personalisation, our range of Needcraft Kits take minimal effort to make but deliver maximum impact. Fantastic for adding that little extra special touch to your home, they range from storage to wall art to make and paint lampshade kits.

We've been super keen to show off our Needcraft Clock Making Kit, that we’ve used as a blank canvas to create this amazing modern clock. By customising it with washi tape, we've brought it bang up to date!

A fun project for crafters of any age, covering the clock kit with a plain fabric to create a base, means you can play with the washi tape to get the look you want. We plumped for vertical stripes, but you could try horizontal stripes, tape crisscrossed across the clock face or ripped pieces of tape in dash formation. As for colour schemes, the world’s your oyster with the wide variety of washi tapes available!

If you're already familiar with how to make up one of our clock kits, scroll down to see how to create your cool washi tape clock face. Read on for the full tutorial...

What you’ll need

Washi tape in a variety of colours and widths (enough tape to cover the 30 cm diameter of the clock making kit)


Craft knife

Plain fabric (we used white polycotton)

Tape measure

How to a washi tape clock

1. Cut down your plain fabric to around 3 cm wider than your clock panel and iron out any creases.

2. Place your fabric on a clean flat surface wrong side up. Position your PVC self-adhesive panel onto the fabric, with paper side down and make sure this sits within the edge of the fabric.

3. Peel back 5-10 cm of the paper backing and stick the PVC panel to the fabric, rubbing this down to secure.

4. Continue to peel the backing paper from under the panel securing in place by rubbing the panel down.

6. Cut around the edge of the PVC panel, as close as possible to the PVC. Don’t worry if this isn’t perfect as the edge of the fabric won’t be seen in the finished clock.

7. Gently fold back the kiss cut that round around the edge of the panel, being careful not to bend the main clock panel too much.

8. Remove the kisscut gently trying not fray the fabric. If there are frays just simply snip them away.

9. Apply doubles sided tape to the ring. The tape should be on the inside of the ring (Note: Not the outside of the ring as in our lampshade making kits). Remove the red backing from the tape.

10. Position the ring so it sits as close as possible to circle around the edge of the PVC panel.

11. Pinch the fabric in the margin and pull firmly over the ring and tuck into the sticky tape on the ring.

11. Tuck the fabric under using the finishing tool provided.

TOP tip: When tucking in we’ve found using an old loyalty card or butter knife, is really useful as well as using the finishing. Check out our post on Top 5 household tool for making lampshades.

12. Using craft knife, remove the centre circle form the middle of the clock.

13. Gently cut a cross through the fabric, that sits in the centre circle of the clock face.

Adding your washi tape design

As mentioned in the introduction to this post there are a few ways you can decorate your clock. We’ve opted for vertical stripes and we used different widths, patterns and colours for impact.

1. Using the centre hole as a guide, position your first tape so that it is positioned just to the right of the hole. Leave an excess of 2 cm of tape at the top and bottom of the clock.

2. To the left of the hole position your second tape and then alternating between the two side of the clock keep positioning the tapes keeping an equal gap between each one.

3. Tuck this under the tape at the top and bottom of each stripe using the same method from Step 11.

4. Each kit comes with both black and white hands and using a thin washi tape or strips cut to fit the width carefully cover them. Be sure to only cover the front of the hands as any tape on the back could prevent the clock mechanism working properly.

5. Put together the clock handles following the instruction sheet in the box or take a look at our You Tube video below.

Extra touches

If you'd like to add numbers to your clock try our Clock Face stickers, that come with either black or red digits. As a final step peel off the backing and position in place then smooth down.


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