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Needcraft DIY Lantern Making Inspiration for Christmas

No Christmas is complete without the warm glow of a lantern, and today we’re sharing three ways for you to make your own, with a Needcraft Lantern Making Kit. Elevated with festive inspired materials from, follow our step-by-step DIY tutorials to achieve a modern, an art deco and oriental lantern, to fit with your festive decorations.

Modern and metallic, this gold flecked Washi laminate lampshade is unique and definitely brings JOY! The washi laminates translucency means that it works beautifully with Needcraft Lantern Making Kits, which include electronic tea lights and we love the Gold Hockey Stick Trim as a the finishing touch!

Easier than it looks to make, this Luxurious Art Deco Lantern is a simply a Needcraft Lantern Making Kit pimped with our Decorative Metallic Contoured Profile Trim. We opted for an Art Deco pattern, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating stripes, diagonal lines or even sticking to plain zig-zags. For an extra warm glow we used our battery powered LED Lights.

A creative way of bringing festive colours into your home, our Mini Chinese Lanterns are an easy winter evening craft project. Made from our flexible Less Rigid Stick It Lampshade Making PVC and our Chic Fabric Range these eye catching lanterns will bring a touch of the Orient to your festive table.

Light up your Christmas

If you're feeling inspired our Needcraft Lantern Making Kits look just as stunning as our elevated versions, in a festive fabric. Available in packs of 4, with electronic tea lights or without electronic tea lights, they need just 35cm x 15cm of fabric for each lantern.

See how easy they are to make in our YouTube short below!

Here’s our tips for choosing a fabric for your handmade lanterns:

  • Choose a print that will work with the 15cm diameter and 35cm height, such as a conversational Christmas print or a strip.

  • Choose a lightweight fabric that will allow the electronic tealight to shine through. Finer fabrics such as cotton, linen and polycotton are perfect.

  • Consider adding a decorative ribbon below as an extra finishing touch, using the steps pictured below.



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