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Christmas DIY - Mini Chinese Lanterns

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Our Mini Chinese Lanterns are a great alternative to bring festive red and yellow into your home and are brought to life using electronic tealights. Made from our lightweight, flexible Less Rigid Stick It Lampshade Making PVC in place of traditional paper, they'll also last for many more Christmases to come! Follow our step by step tutorial to make your own.

What you’ll need to make your Mini Chinese Lanterns

2 pieces of 20 x 11cm Less Rigid Stick It for the inner lantern section

2 pieces of 20 x 15 cm Less Rigid Stick It for the outer lantern section

2 pieces of 21 x 12 cm Scarlet Red Chic fabric

2 pieces of 21 x 16cm Primrose Yellow Chic fabric

Double-sided tape

Metal ruler



How to make your Mini Chinese Lanterns

1. Take your inner lantern section of Less Rigid Stick It and apply to the reverse of your pressed Primrose Yellow Chic fabric, then trim away the excess fabric along the edges.

2. Cut away a strip of the PVC from your outer lantern section using the dimensions below.

3. Apply the outer lantern section to the Scarlett Chic Fabric and cut it out.

4. Apply a length of tape along the short edge of the inner lantern section, remove the backing and overlay the taped edge over the opposite edge to form a tube, noting the fabric should be on the outside. Repeat to make the second tube.

5. On the outer lantern section draw a line 1.5 cm along the short edge from the top and the bottom.

6. Score along the top edge only with a pair of open scissors.

7. Using a metal ruler, mark every 5 mm along the top and the bottom line. Using a metal ruler join up the marks with line, using the craft knife. Be careful not to go through the top and bottom line and ensure when cutting that the knife cuts through to the fabric.

8. When the cutting is complete, check each cut is clean and separates the thin sections.

9. Fold down the scored edge and add a piece of double sided tape onto the tab, on the fabric side.

10. Repeat at the bottom, again by adding a piece of double sided tape onto the fabric side.

11. Remove the backing paper from the tape at the folded edge and then stick to the opposite side of the outer section, so the slits in the lantern are seamless.

12. Repeat on the opposite side.

13. From the unfolded edge slide the tube inside the red outer cover, so that the tube sits inside the fold.

14. Push the outer down and along the top edge of the yellow tube add a few small pieces of double side tape. Remove the backing and slide up the red outer and secure in place.

15. As a finishing touch, add a 20cm strip of Gold decorative metallic profile trim around the top. Simple switch on your electronic tea light and pop it over the top!

15. Volia! You've made your miniature Chinese lanterns.


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