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Christmas DIY tutorial – JOY Metallic Washi Lantern

Today's DIY blog tutorial proves that using gold in your home at Christmas doesn't always have to be traditional. Our metallic washi lampshade laminate, features eye-catching gold and silver flecks, creating a contemporary take on our Needcraft Lantern Making Kit. Elevate this even further by adding a classy fabric-edged frame and some glistening alphabet stickers, to make a timeless and chic lantern that provides the all-essential festive glow.

What you’ll need JOY Metallic Washi Lantern

Gold Hockey Stick Trim (2 x 35 cm strips)

Gold letters, measuring 2.5 - 3 cm high – Try these for a similar effect

Foldback clips or sewing clips pegs

Ruler or tape measure


3 AAA batteries

How to make your JOY Metallic Washi Lantern

1. Cut a piece of Gold Flecked Washi Paper Laminate measuring size 326mm x 145mm (you could also use the laminate in your Lantern Making Kit as a template)

2. Measure the halfway point along the length of the laminate piece and mark at the top and bottom edge, with a pencil and set aside.

3. From the clear laminate in the Lantern Making Kit cut a section, from between the kiss cut margins, measuring 5cm x 11cm. When marking the width measurements, measure 2.5cm on either side of a line on the backing paper. This will be used as a centre line for positioning the letters.

4. Peel back approximately 1 cm of paper on the long side and cut away. Repeat on the opposite side and on the short edges.

5. Cut 1 x 13cm and 1 x 7 cm length of black Lampshade Binding Textile Tape. Using a ruler mark down the centre of each and cut in half, to create 4 narrow strips.

6. Apply a long strip to the long edge of the laminate, so 5mm adheres to the front. This is easier to check from the back of the laminate. Fold the tape under a trim of the excess at the top and the bottom.

Top tip: Use the precut outer edge of the Lampshade Binding Textile Tape, facing towards the centre of your frame, as this will create a cleaner edge.

7. Repeat on a short edge. Cut into the tape on a diagonal to meet the inner corner of the long and short tapes, for a picture frame effect. Repeat on the other short edge and fold back.

8. Using the centre line of the backing paper, position your letters equally along the length of the laminate.

9. Run 3mm double-sided tape along each edge of the laminate.

10. Remove the backing tape and position the rectangle using the markers on the washi laminate, ensuring this is equidistant from the top and bottom.

11. Lay the 6mm double-sided tape along the top of the lanterns, leaving an overlap to be turned over the top edge of the lantern. Repeat at the bottom of the lantern.

12. Add a length of 9mm double-sided tape from the Lantern Making Kit to the short edge of the lantern laminate, remove the backing tape, overlap the seam by 1.5cm, and secure in place. Ensure that the opaque acrylic base from the Lantern Making Kit sits snuggly inside. Adjust the seam if needed.

13. Remove the top edge backing paper and fold the tape over the lip of the lantern. Apply the gold hockey stick trim onto the tape, starting at the inside seam. Cut the trim where the two ends meet and secure it in place with a foldback clip or peg.

14. Using your hot glue gun and add a small amount of glue to each end of the trim and secure again with the peg until dry. Repeat on the bottom edge.

15. When dry, slide the base into the lantern. Add the fairy lights and switch on!


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