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Christmas DIY tutorial - Luxurious Art Deco Lantern

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A touch of gold never goes a miss at Christmas, so we’ve jumped on the gilded bandwagon and have put together this Luxurious Art Deco Lantern DIY tutorial, using gorgeous gold trim and our lantern making kits, for you to make.

Perfect for lighting a festive dinner table, or for giving out a warm and stylish glow from your Christmas mantle piece, this lantern making hack is really straight forward to replicate and quick too. Festive decoration for your home or stocking filler for a friend, we think you should give one a go!

What you’ll need

White Chic fabric (350mm wide x 150mm)

Black hockey stick trim (2 x 35 cm strips)

3 AAA batteries

Foldback clips or household pegs

Tape measure


How to make your luxurious lanterns

1. Make up your one Needcraft lanterns from the kit up in the chic white fabric, using the instructions in the box.

2. Lay the 6mm double-sided tape along the top of the lanterns, leaving an overlap to be turned over the top edge of the lantern. Repeat at the bottom of the lantern.

3. Remove the red backing paper and apply the black hockey stick trim to the top of the lantern, starting at the inside seam. Cut the trim where the two ends meet and secure in place with a clip or peg.

4. Heat up your hot glue gun and add a small amount of glue to each end of the trim.

5. Secure with the peg or clip until dry.

6. To create the gold trim triangle pattern, first find the centre front of the lantern, opposite the back seam and make a light pencil mark on the fabric or trim.

6. Measure and mark in 6.5cm increments around the top of the lantern.

7. At the original centre front point measure 3.25cm to the left and mark. Using a ruler trace this measurement to the bottom of the lantern. Repeat Step 6 around the bottom of the lantern.

8. Using the 3mm double-sided tape, link the pencil marks by placing the tape close to, but on either side of the mark, to create the triangle pattern.

9. Cut the gold trim at an angle to sit flush to the trim along the top edge and mark and repeat at the bottom. Continue around the lantern until all of the triangles are complete.

10. Measure the distance at which you’d like the bar to site across the triangle (ours was a 3.7cm) and mark with a pencil. Repeat on each triangle.

11. Again, cut the gold trim at an angle to sit flush against both side of the triangle. Our tip is to do this individually for each triangle in turn, rather than pre-cut them to size in advance.

12. Voila! You've finished your Luxurious Art Deco lantern


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