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BEAM – How to Boost Your Sales with our Latest Lampshade Making Products  

Since the start of 2024 we’ve launched Scalloped Ringsets, Scalloped Edge Panels and new sizes of Conical Lampshade Making Kits, which are already flying off the shelves and these new styles and sizes, will empower you, as professional lampshade makers, to create bespoke on-trend lampshades to rival those that are seen on the Highstreet!

But that's not all - in our commitment to help you maximise profits, we’ve created money-saving manufacturers packs and bulk buy options for all our NEW products. Discover in this BEAM post how you can make the hottest lampshade trends for existing and new customers, to boost your sales.

Hit The Lampshade Trends

Expanding your lampshade product range is essential in keeping your current customers interested and attracting new audiences, so this year we’ve been on a mission to provide you with exciting new styles and sizes of lampshade, that replicate the trends of the current home interiors market.


Our Scalloped Edge Panels, Scalloped Ringsets and extended range of our Conical Lampshade Making Kits are designed to maximise your lampshade making skills, whilst offering a blank canvases for your choice of covering, whether you design or choose this yourself or work with your client requirements.

As always, we aim to ensure you can make lampshades economically, so you can maximise your profits and continue to grow your lampshade making business, through our various Manufacturers Packs and bulk buy options.


Scalloped Lampshade Manufacturers Pack

Hot of the production line, our NEW Scalloped Ringset creates striking, one-of-a-kind lampshades, featuring six equal scallop shapes on each of the three ringset sizes available. And to ensure this unique ringset shape is straightforward to make, we’ve developed a corresponding Stick It® Scalloped Self-Adhesive Lampshade Panels, complete with crease lines, to effortlessly fit the panel to the curves of the scalloped ringset.


To ensure you can offer Scalloped Lampshades at a viable margin for your business, we’ve created Manufacturers Packs in all three sizes: 20cm, 30cm and 40cm, and each pack includes all the components you’ll need to make either 30 or 50 lampshades, dependent on the size you chose.

Scalloped Lampshade Panels

Already proving very popular with our professional makers, our Scalloped Edge Panels mean you can create distinctive lampshades, with real ‘wow’ factor! The panels undulating scalloped edge means this lampshade style is perfect for making Scalloped Edge Lampshades in either paper or fabric with a bias bound edge and you can find tutorials for both coverings on our blog.


And you only need to buy two of panels of the same size to qualify for a bulk discount, making this eye-catching lampshade shape a potential money spinner! Better still, the same bulk discount can be applied to the Single Duplex Rings, needed to complete the shade.


Conical Manufacturers Packs

The conical is a classic lampshade style that withstands the test of time, but also seems to be having its own moment in the spotlight during 2024. To echo this trend, we’ve extended our range of sizes adding a 25cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit and a supersized 50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit.


Alongside our existing Conical range – 30cm and 40cm diameters, you can now buy any of our four sizes as Conical Manufacturers Packs, not only saving money due to the low material cost per shade, but also time, as in all our manufacturers packs the lampshade panels are packed flat for immediate use, and also come in a handy slimline storage box, making them easy to store.

More Ways to Elevate your Professional Shades

From diffusers to bias tapes, we have plenty of ways that you can elevate our latest lampshade styles and shapes, creating premium product for your customer base.


Bias Binding

To complement our Scalloped Edge Lampshade Panels, we’ve recently added over forty  colour choices of 16mm Polycotton Bias Binding which are perfect width for edging fabric Scalloped Edge Lampshades, meaning you can create combinations of plain or pattern fabric shades, with a stand out professional finish.


Made to diffuse a soft and even light from a pendant shade, we think our NEW Scalloped Lampshade Diffusers, add a modern and clean aesthetic to this shape pf lampshade.

Constructed from high-quality polypropylene, which offers excellent heat resistance and is safe to use with various bulb types, each diffuser is designed for easy fitting and simply rests on the bottom ring inside the lampshade. If you’d like to customise your diffuser, take a look at our blog post ‘How to Make a Fabric Diffuser’, for a truly personalised look.  

Single Duplex Rings

To work with our Scalloped Edge Panels, for the first time we’re selling our Duplex Rings as single products, opening up many creative lampshade making opportunities. Available to buy in our smallest (and newest) diameter of duplex ring 12.5cm, through to our whopping 70cm diameter, duplex rings can be used to make Pleated Paper lampshades, Extreme Conical lampshades and can also be mixed and matched with our Plain Lampshade Ring Collection to make other bespoke lampshades.



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