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BEAM – Expand Your Handmade Product Range

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Looking to expand your handmade product range? Our fantastic team have used their creative skills and engineering experience to develop our Needcraft Creative Kit range, an assortment of attractive and functional homeware products to complement your existing retail lampshade collections, that are available as Needcraft Manufacturers Packs. Not only will they inspire you to get creative with your designs, but simultaneously expand your sales and increase your profits too. Read on for our favourite Needcraft Manufacturers Packs highlights!

Lantern Manufacturers Pack

Whether you sell at craft fairs or have your own retail outlet, our Needcraft Lantern Manufacturers Pack is a great way of creating a lower spend item for customers to buy into your handcrafted product range and they're a fantastic way of featuring scaled-down versions of your unique designs. Also, due to their smaller size, our lanterns are an economical way of using fabric or paper that would normally go to waste.

Straight forward and quick to make, our Needcraft Lanterns won’t impact heavily on your creating time and with all the required components for 100 lanterns compactly packed into one box, will take up hardly any space in your workroom. There’s also an option to purchase 100 electronic tea lights with each Manufacturers Pack, so you can offer your customer a complete lantern to take home and use straight away!

Clock Manufacturers Pack

Time to make something new? Our Clock kits might be the answer!

Made using similar techniques and skills to our Lampshade Making Kits LINK, our Clock Manufacturers Packs bring something beautiful, but functional into your customer's home. With two styles of Clock Manufacturers Pack to choose from - a familiar circular clock or a distinctive square clock with soft rounded corners - either is a great way of extending your product range, with a profitable markup.

Measuring 30 cm in diameter, each Clock Manufacturers Pack includes 50 clocks, with the choice of either all black or all white clock handles or pick 25 of each colour, using the drop-down box on the product page. If you'd like to purchase heavy duty batteries we offer these too!

Waste Paper Bin Manufacturers Kit

Pretty isn’t always a word associated with Waste Paper Bins, but our Waste Paper Bin Manufacturers Packs, mean you can make bins as pretty as you want!

Providing both professional lampshade makers and upholsterers the opportunity to make a suite of matching products, Waste Paper Bins tie in seamlessly with either lampshades or curtains, to give the customer an overall interior look or theme.

Robust and professionally engineered, our Waste Paper Bin Manufacturers Packs, contains our high-quality quality materials to make 30 waste paper bins, with each panel pre-assembled with a 12mm high-strength bonding double-sided tape at the seam, to ensure a lasting and bespoke product. Better still the panels are pack flat, making them quick to make up!

Lampshade Manufacturers’ Packs

If orders for are streaming in for lampshades and you’re making them in bulk, don't forget our Lampshade Manufacturers’ Packs offer more than just cost benefits. Packed in one streamlined box, that’s easy to store, each Manufacturers’ Pack includes all of the professional components and materials to make either 30 or 50 lampshades, depending on your chosen shade diameter.

Available in 16 styles of lampshade and a wide variety of sizes, each Manufacturers' Pack also contains flat packed Stick It® Self-Adhesive panel, meaning you can get to work immediately making your lampshade, without rerolling the panels.


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