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BEAM - 5 Eco Products for your Lampshade Making Business

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Eco products are now more readily available than ever before, with many people choosing to buy environmentally friendly alternatives, from cars and clothes to cleaning materials and home furnishings, that help protect the planet. In today's blog post, we highlight our Eco products that can help you put sustainability at the heart of your lampshade making business, supporting you and your customer to reach your environmental goals.

Manufactured especially for lampshade making in an ethical paper mill, our Stick-It® Eco Board is made from 100% chlorine-free wood pulps, which are at least 30% recycled and sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests. With a perfect weight of 260 gsm, coated in the same self-adhesive backing as our Standard and Premium Lampshade Making PVC, our Stick-It® Eco Board, maintains its colour and is ideal for many lampshade shapes and sizes.

Although not fire retardant, we recommend a light misting of our Fire Proofing Spray in advance of making your lampshade. Better still our Stick-It® Eco Board is acid-free and recyclable at the end of its life.

Making sure your shade arrives clean and dust free is essential and our eco-friendly Cellophane Wrap will do just that! Made from cellulose and completely biodegradable, our Cellophane Wrap is available in easy to handle ‘hand cobs’ for wrapping around your handmade lampshade, before sending it off to your customer or adding it to your bricks and mortar store.

The cobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each hand cob is approximately 10 cm wide and weighs around 250 grams. For ease, we sell by weight rather than length and when you order a kilo you’ll receive approximately 4 hand cobs.

Take a look our short YouTube tutorial below to see easy it is to use!

Always a popular topic amongst our 4,000 member strong Lampshade Making Facebook Group, packing your lampshades with the environment in mind feels an increasingly important consideration for both lampshade sellers and buyers.

With this in mind, we now stock 100% Recyclable Reinforced Paper Tape, which has a high tack adhesive and a strong tamper evident seal. Available in 25-metre rolls, measuring 5 cm wide, using this paper tape on a cardboard box means its easy for your customer to recycle, whilst showing your business eco credentials.

Kraft paper, although perfect for a range of crafting uses, is also great for filling the space around a handmade lampshade when packaging a box for posting, keeping your lampshade secure and preventing damage, eliminating the use of a bubble wrap or other plastics. As an extra eco initiative, why not pop a branded card in the box to ask the receiver to reuse the paper where possible?

Make sure every step of your lampshade making journey is environmentally focused with these quality recycled scissors, from brand leaders, Fiskars.

Boasting 50% recycled handles and 100% recyclable packaging, these multi-purpose scissors are the perfect lampshade makers companion for the precision cutting of paper and tape, due to the sharp 45 degree stainless steel blades.

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