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5 brilliant ways to make your retail lampshades look professional

Making and selling your own unique brand of lampshades can be a great way of fulfilling a creative goal, building a new career or side hustle and this week we’re sharing our tips on how to give your products the retail edge.

Image: Poppet Retro -

A customer’s choice to buy handmade means they get a unique and individual product that they wouldn’t find elsewhere and also give your small business the opportunity to grow. By focusing on the small details such as packaging and finishing, you can deliver a super professional service to match your shade making!

1. It’s a wrap!

Making sure your shade arrives clean and dust free is essential and our cellophane wrap will do just that! Available in easy to handle ‘hand cobs’, simply wrap the cellophane around the shade, starting from the inside.

The cobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each hand cob is approximately 10 cm wide and weighs around 250 grams. For ease we sell by weight rather than length and and when you order a kilo you’ll receive approximately 4 hand cobs.

Take a look our short You Tube tutorial below to see easy it is!

2. What wattage?

Adding useful information for your customer is always a winner, and these handy sheets of bulb wattage stickers allow you to share important safety information. Available in both 40 watt and 60 watt each roll contains 100 labels. We’ve also created this simple guide, so you can determine the wattage of the bulb to be paired with the shade for your customer.

3. Keep it neat

If you’re selling your shades, you probably already know everything to know about shade making, but we love to share our tips, tricks and tutorials. If you’re not already creating a super neat folded seam finish on your lampshades, check out one of our most popular blog posts, that takes you step by step through how to achieve a professional folded seam.

4. Paper trail

Kraft paper really is a thing of beauty and has worked it’s way into our hearts and homes over the last few years, but rather than using this for backing books, add an extra element of suprise by wrapping your shade before you box it.

It’s also great for filling the space around the shade in it’s box, especially if you are posting, to keep it secure and prevent the shade from getting damaged. As an extra eco initiative, why not pop a branded card in the box to ask the receiver to reuse the paper where possible?

5. Squeeky clean

Whether your running your lampshade making business from a beautiful airy studio or from your box bedroom, dust and dirt can be a problem. We recommend, cellophone wrapping you shade as soon as you’ve taken your promotional images, but if you do happen to accumulate and dust, dirt or even pet hair, we have just the tool.

Working in a similar way to a pencil rubber, the pad sightly wears as it cuts through dirt or stains and can be used either wet or dry. It even cleans marks from plastic, so is great for cleaning marks off lampshade frames, as wells as steel, ceramics. Definitely one to have in your lampshade making tool kit!


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