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2022 Blog Review - A Year of Lampshade Making

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Another year of fabulously creative lampshade making is nearly over and it’s time to look back on how the Dannells Lampshade Making blog has inspired, educated and supported your lampshade making skills and small lampshade making businesses. A true exchange of ideas, you, our customer community inspire us every day with the lampshades you make and we hope that the blog has done the same for you, in 2022!

Soft Shade Making Series

It was the year of the Soft Shade for Dannells, as we focussed our skills and resources to provide you with easy-to-follow step-by-step guides in our Soft Shade Making Series, so you can confidently make a traditional lampshade, using a Bowed Empire Frame.

Covering the whole process from binding the frame to the finishing trimming, soft lampshade making adds a whole new range of skills to your arsenal. And in addition, to help you even further we created our Soft Shade Making Starter Bundle, containing all of the essentials you need to make your first Soft Lampshade.

Shiny New Products

We love nothing more than launching new products, to enhance your lampshade making and in 2022 there was something for everyone!

Stocked and created with lampshade makers in mind our new range of colourful and varied trims, Less Rigid Lampshade Making PVC (ideal for both angular shades and pleating or folding) and all new and exclusive to Dannells, Y-shaped and Star frames, are all perfect for trying something new. Read the blog post for more ideas and inspiration.

Meet the Maker

Who’s naturally curious? We certainly are! And we love nothing more than finding out about our lampshade makers and taking a peek behind the scenes into their inspiration, lampshades and workspaces. 2022’s Meet the Makers offer plenty of ideas and encouragement for lampshade makers of every level. Simply hit the button below to read them all, but not before making a cuppa!

Lampshade Style Guides

Lampshades have a definite place in history and in our new 2022 series, Lampshade Style Guides, we covered everything you need to know about specific lampshade shapes and styles. Think luxurious velvet, simple loose fabric-covered shades and pretty pleated lampshades to mention just a few, with each post detailing style inspiration, making tips and a range of historic influences from medieval to Victorian on the shades we love to make today!

BEAM Posts

Running a small business can be fulfilling but also challenging and our BEAM – Business Expertise and Advice for Maker – posts in 2022 offered you support around specific subjects that are key to running a profitable business. From taking on bespoke commissions to dealing with returns and refunds and everything in between our BEAM posts hold your hand and help make sense of some of businesses' trickier issues.

Hacks, Tutorials and Tips

There is nothing we love more than a good lampshade hack and 2022 has been a year of experimentation with our Lampshade Making Kits and supplies to create even more unique lampshades and each post has full step-by-step tutorials, so you can make your own versions. Many of our army of lampshade makers have contributed to our tip posts too, helping you master both simple and specialist techniques.


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