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New Product - Less Rigid Stick It Lampshade Making PVC

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Always looking to create new and original lampshade making products that inspire our customers, Less Rigid Stick It Lampshade Making PVC is our latest innovation.

Created to be more flexible to work with, this lightweight lampshade making PVC is ideal for both smaller and angular shades, as well as opening the door to new creative techniques, such as hand pleating and folding. In this post, we show you how to make the most of its exceptionally professional lampshade making qualities, in more ways than one.

Less Rigid Need To Knows

Half the thickness of our standard Stick It Lampshade Making PVC, at just 150 microns, our Premium Less Rigid Stick It acts and feels like a smooth and sturdy paper, yet still has exceptional tear resistance. It's these qualities that make it so good for smaller lampshades such as Candle Clip shades and any shade below 20cm or 8”.

Available in the following roll lengths - 2 metres, 5 metres, 25 metres and 100-metre roll lengths - the price becomes more economical the longer the roll you buy.

Candle Clip Shades

Mostly used for chandeliers with multiple shades and wall lights, our Candle Clip Lampshades are ideal for making up with Less Rigid Stick It. Firstly, there is greater flexibility when applying the PVC to the rings particularly when working around the smaller circumference ring at the top of the shade. Secondly, Less Rigid Stick It is lightweight, which reduces the overall weight of the shade and it allows the shade to emit a soft diffused, yet luminous glow making it perfect for use with wall lights.

Angular Shaped Frames

Make the most of the supple and foldable qualities of Less Rigid Stick It when making up our Square, Rectangle and Triangle frames. All have angular corners that can be easily folded around creating sharp, crisp edges and contemporary looking shades.

Luminous Lanterns

Gardens, weddings, Christmas, dinner parties – the possibilities of where you can use our lanterns are endless! Simple and quick to make, the glow from our lanterns come from an electronic tea and by replacing our Standard Stick It with Less Rigid Stick It, more light can shine through the lantern. This is especially effective when paired with a light or pale fabric.

Folded and pleated shades

Not unlike a robust paper, our Less Rigid Stick It can also be folded or pleated to make unique and striking shades. Incredibly easy to fold into a sharp pleat, simply decide the pleat depth to suit the style of fabric or size of shade you’d like.

We’d advise measuring and lightly scoring the pleats onto the front of the PVC first, then adhering your fabric to the PVC before starting to hand pleat.

Origami Shades

Why not take your folds a step further and try your hand at an origami shade? With a lot of beautiful and modern origami forms to try, there are plenty of beginners YouTube videos available to inspire you. Alternatively try this Domestika Origami Lampshade course from Scottish paper artist, Kate Collin. By replacing paper with our Less Rigid Stick It, it’s possible to create crisp origami lampshades in fabrics you love!

Try before you buy

If you're interested in our Less Rigid Stick It, you can check it out for yourself by ordering one of our FREE Stick It Sample Packs. Simply list the Stick It samples you require in the comments box, click through to the checkout and pay for only the postage!


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