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Winter is coming – Time to redesign the house!

Winter is drawing closer, the cold is creeping in. It’s time to draw the curtains early, turn the lights up and get cosy with a mug of mocha and your favourite book. I love this time of year for redesigning my home. This is when the paint cans and sewing machine invariably make an appearance and I spend many an evening pondering on the position of this and the colour of that.
  1. I like to imagine how I want to feel in the room: inspired, cosy, sleepy, free to think etc. I will sit in different parts of the room and feel it with fresh eyes to gain a good understanding of the options available and the room’s potential. At this point I’ll often come up with a new idea for somewhere I could for example, put a shelf or create space to change the feel of the room.

  2. Next to gather inspiration in the form of paint charts, images, fabric swatches etc. Scouring magazines and blogs…

  3. I sometimes put these together in a scrapbook to gain a sense of how colours will work together, how much colour I want to use and to decide on what overall look I’m going for.

  4. Pinterest boards are great here, I’ll often have one going for each room. There are so many inspiring images!

  5. Once I’ve decided upon all factors I start hunting down the ingredients online and in shops until the fun can begin and I can start the graft!

  6. I LOVE the feel of walking into a freshly painted room with its new, clean, bright welcome!

Linen bedding with mug of tea on bed

Images, in order of appearance: marcus Ahmad,,

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