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Valentine DIY Project - Quick and Easy Pleated Hearts

February brings love, pancakes and an extra day! Today we wanted to share our quick and easy DIY project for these sweet Pleated Valentine's Hearts - a 'lovely' discovery, from playing with pleats for lampshades, at Dannells HQ!

Perfect for stash busting fabrics and our Less Rigid Stick It® Lampshade Laminate, we love the idea of making these for decorating windows or tables, or gifting as handcrafted token of your love! And with FREE PDF download template included, along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, it’s time to set aside some time and indulge in what you love - making!

DIY Tutorial – Quick and Easy Pleated Valentine’s Hearts

How to make your Quick and Easy Pleated Hearts

1. Download, print and cut around your FREE Pleated Hearts PDF Template. Take a piece of card and draw around your large half template and repeat on the opposite short edge of the card. On the second piece of card, draw around the small template.

2. Cut out and stick the large template together with Sellotape.

3. Draw around the large and small templates on your off cuts, or piece of Less Rigid Lampshade making PVC and cut out.


4. Position the Less Rigid pill shapes onto the reverse of your fabrics, and peel away the backing paper. Adhere the PVC to the fabric.

5. Turn over each piece and check the surface is smooth.


8. Cut away the excess fabric.

9. On the reverse of each pill shape, pencil in a mark 1cm away from the short edge and continue until you reach the opposite edge. Repeat marking a second set of measurements further along the pill edge.

10. Place a ruler in line with the first two marks and using the blade of your scissors, score in a line to sit on the markers.

11.  Using the scored lines as a guide, make your first fold. Continue folding along the width of the pill shape.

11.  Bring the first 1cm fold together and bend in the centre.

12.  Place a length of Tesa Double Sided Tape along the PVC side of the 1cm fold. Trim to fit.


13.  Peel back and stick the two central edges together and peg to hold for a few minutes.

14. Voila you're ready to decorate your Valentines Day celebrations!



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