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5 DIY Highstreet Lampshade Styles to Make on a Budget

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Welcome to the world of creating your own lampshade, where you can create expensive high street looks on a budget!

Inspired by the new autumn interior trends, in today’s blog post we share 5 high street lampshade styles that you can easily replicate at home, for a fraction of the cost, using our lampshade making kits and supplies.

From House of Hackney to H&M, we’ve listed and linked the materials you’ll need to make each dupe lampshade, as well as directing you to our skill-packed blog posts and YouTube videos, to help you make your very own highstreet lampshade trends!

The Empire Paper Lampshade

Maker Level : Advanced beginner

Made in a traditional empire style, this John Lewis x Matthew Williamson collab marbled paper shade is bang on trend. Using a bias tape to pick out the green in the paper, this shade says luxury with a modern twist.

To make a similar lampshade your starting point is an Empire Lampshade Making Kit. Use the instructions in the kit or our YouTube video to make up your lampshade and follow our blog post Applying bias tape to a shade for a professional finish.

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The Oval Velvet Lampshade

Maker level: Beginner

Simple but decadent, the unusual oval shape of H&M’s Oval velvet lampshade

creates a point of difference and we can see this complimenting rich, dark tones in a room, such as dark green, navy and black.

Our 40cm Oval Lampshade Making Kit is an exact replica in size and our Supreme Plain Velvet (150cm wide) in Baby Pink, is a pretty good match too. Making an Oval Lampshade is a beginner skill and you can make along with our expert demonstrator Sam in our Oval Lampshade YouTube video.

For hints and tips from our Lampshade Makers Facebook Group LINK, read our Lampshade Style Guide: Velvet Shades on how to successfully work with velvet when making a lampshade.

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The Tiered Rattan Lampshade

Maker Level: Intermediate

With natural tones and textures here to stay, the Dunelm Mailka Cane 2 tier pendant lampshade, doesn’t so much ooze autumn, but the sunny days of summer, which we are happy to keep alive!

With two tiers this may look like a complex make, but thanks to our Tiered Lampshade Making Kit this couldn’t be easier, due to the integrated brackets that connect the two shades.

The top tier is a simple lampshade made with linen very similar to our Chatham Linen Fabric in Ochre. To add the bias binding follow our step-by-step instructions in our blog post Applying bias tape to a shade. To make the lower Rattan Shade, follow our step-by-step blog post How to Make A Professional Rattan Lampshade.

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The Conical Vintage Lampshade

Maker Level: Advanced Beginner

Oozing decadence, the high-end House of Hackney Persephone Jacquard Romily Lampshade is a stunner, with a fashionable conical shape and mix of plush materials, with hefty price tag to match.

Our choice of Needcraft Conical Lampshade Making Kits sit either side of the size of the House of Hackney shade, at 30cm and 40cm diameter, giving you the option to size up or size down to create your own version.

As brocade and jacquard are traditionally thicker, heavier fabrics, follow our tips on working with velvet, to ensure your seam is professionally sealed and allow a wider margin around the fabric for tucking under in the final stages of making. To finish, apply our Gimp Braid trim by either sewing or glueing as instructed in the final stage of our Soft Lampshade Making Series, Sewing and Gluing a Lampshade Trim.

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The Christmas Lights

Maker Level: Easy

We couldn't resist sneaking in an easy Christmas DIY project that will definitely save the pounds and pennies and although it’s not a lampshade, we hope you’ll approve!

To make your own version of the Oliver Bonas Gold Star Christmas Lights take a pair of 20cm Metal Star Macramé Frame, which are usually used for Macrame and wrap them with a pack of 20 Micro LEDs String Chain Fairy Lights. Prefer a different shape? We stock hearts and rainbows too!

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