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Lampshade Kit Hack #7 – Applying bias tape to a shade

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

As well as being the creative vehicle for making your bespoke lampshade, our Lampshade Making Kits can be added to with easy #hacks delivering a shade that's even more unique. In this post we show you how to add bias tape around the top and bottom of your shade, giving it a polished professional finish.

Whether you buy off-the-shelf bias binding (check out our range of patterned bias binding) or make your own in a matching fabric, this clever technique can be used with fabric, paper or wallpaper and will definitely give your shade the edge!

What you'll need

6mm Double-sided tape

Fabric scissors

Fabric (at least 970mm wide x 255mm)

210 cm black bias binding – 18mm or 25mm width, plus an extra 30 cm if you'd like to cover the seam

Fabric glue - optional

How to apply bias tape to a drum lampshade making kit

1. Make up your drum lampshade-making kit following the instructions up to Step 8.

2. Cut away the fabric along the top and bottom edge of the shade (normally this fabric would be used to tuck under the edge of the frame.)

3. Along the top edge of the PVC run a length of 6mm wide double sided tape.

4. Cut a 105 cm length of bias binding, open out the bias tape and press out one of the folds from the bias tape.

5. Starting at the short edge which will be the inner seam (non taped), pull away 5-10cm of the backing paper. Position the remaining fold of the bias tape parallel with the tape, making sure the fold of the bias lines up with the lower edge of the tape.

6. Continue along the full length of the lampshade making PVC leaving a 2.5 cm overhang of bias tape at the edge.

7. Repeat on the bottom edge making sure the bias tape overhangs are both on the same side.

8. Going back to your lampshade-making kit instructions and complete Steps 10 – 20.

9. After the rings are attached to the PVC and the seam is sealed, snip the bias tape in line with the struts on the utility ring, so the bias tape can be folded behind.

10. Gently push the bias tape down over the rings, starting at the inside seams. Repeat on the other side of the lampshade.

11. Starting at the inside seam, gently tuck the bias tape under the ring using the finishing tool until you reach the seam. Don’t pull the tape too much as this can cause the fold to lift on the outside of the shade, creating a distorted line.

TOP TIP: Old loyalty cards are also a great told for tucking the fabric under the rings. Check out our post on the Top 5 household tools for making lampshades.

12. Measure 1.5 cm from the seam line and cut back the bias tape.

13. Fold back the bias tape by 5mm and then score along the fold using your fingers creating a sharp edge.

14. Use a small section of double-sided tape to hold in the folded bias tape in place on the outside of the shade.

15. Gently tuck the bias in on the other side holding the fold in place with your thumb to avoid this pulling.

16. Volia - one professional shade trimmed with bias binding!

Covering the seam in bias tape

Bias tape can also be used to hide or tidy the seam edge of the shade. Follow the steps below to find out how.

1. Take a length of bias tape 5cm longer the depth of your shade and position with a 2.5cm overhang at the top and bottom of the seam.

2. Remove the tape and place two rows of 9mm double-sided tape along the length of the seam, to equal the width of the tape you are using.

3. Peel away the backing paper from the tape and position the bias binding over the tape so the outer edges of the tape are concealed.

4. Rubdown on the bias binding to secure in place.

5. Turn over the lampshade and tuck in the bias binding overhang at each end of the seam.


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