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Whirly Crochet Mandala - FREE pattern download

Creativity can be applied to everything if you try hard enough and this bright, Whirly Crochet Mandala proves just that!

Made from one of our plain 30 cm Lampshade rings, Jenny Conduit, Editor of Crochet Now magazine, used her talent and knowledge for crochet to turn four fun coloured cotton yarns into this sunny crochet wall hanging - great for brightening up a blank wall space!

Ideal for beginner or intermediate crocheters, you can download Jenny's FREE Crochet pattern below and from just four 50 gram balls of cotton or acyrlic yarn make this gorgeous mandala. We used Scheepjes Catona, a 100% mercerised cotton that comes in no less than 109 colours!

And if you're an intermediate or advanced crocheter, why not adapt the pattern to suit different sizes of rings? With plain ring sizes available from as small as 10cm and with prices starting from £1.06 you could easily make a whole wall of mandalas!

Meet the Crocheter

Nosy as we are ;) we couldn't resist finding out more about how Jenny found her passion for crochet (that happily lead to a crafty day job) and her tips for getting started in crochet. The answer is more surprising than you think!

How did you start crocheting? I'm a huge Pokemon fan (ok, bear with me!) and my mum always encouraged me to do crafts growing up. Towards the end of college, I fell in love with pictures of amigurumi (a cute style of crocheting toys) Pokemon online, and they looked so fabulous and the closest to the 'real' thing as I had seen - the sewn soft toys just didn't quite capture them. Fast forward to studying in America for a year during University and one night, having seen many more pictures of crocheted Pokemon, having still not learned to crochet, and having access to the most INSANE craft superstores in Illinois, I spent a few stressful evenings teaching myself to crochet with videos on YouTube, and the rest is history! Since then, I have made, oh, at least a dozen Pokemon!

What’s your favourite thing to crochet? Apart from Pokemon, I do love to crochet a good blanket, but mainly amigurumi toys - I'm not sure how much my husband loves having them all around the house :)

And your favourite crochet technique? Amigurumi is my preferred style to crochet, but I find a granny square and granny stripe project very therapeutic and enjoyable.

Tell us more about Crochet Now magazine. I've been editing Crochet Now for about 3 years now. It's a monthly magazine packed with, you guessed it, crochet patterns! We're available in all good supermarkets and we're aimed at the intermediate crocheter, but if you're a beginner crocheter you can pick up the magazine and learn, every issue we include all the basics and step-by-steps you need to get the basics. I like to pack the magazine with bright, fun patterns, trying to keep garments and accessories as contemporary as possible, and homewares too. 

Do you have any tips for how to get started with Crochet? Perseverance is KEY. The trickiest thing is learning how to hold everything comfortably, it will take a few goes but all of a sudden you will find that it clicks, making the act of crochet a lot easier

You can hear Jenny on The Wool Pack podcast along with the editors of Knit Now and Your Crochet and Knitting.

Crochet Now is a monthly magazine, full of

Every issue of Crochet Now comes packed full of stylish, beautiful and cute patterns, with the best expert advice and step-by-step tutorials to help you make the most of your next project. Alongside the latest yarn, leading crochet designers and these fabulous patterns, you’ll also receive an EXCLUSIVE gift with every issue!


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