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Outdoor LED Lighting: Brighten up your Spring garden

Spring is just around the corner and our attention turns, once again, to making our outdoor spaces, however big or small, ready for some summer entertaining and relaxation.

Admittedly we all love fairy lights, which are perfect for transforming our gardens into a little slice of outdoor paradise. Add in a few solar lights and you can brighten up your green space all year round. Take a look at our simple, but effective outdoor lighting products and use our ideas to get a sparkle throughout your garden.

LED String Wire Fairy Lights

Battery-powered - 3 x AA batteries.

Available in 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m and 10m lengths

Wrapped around a parasol, draped along a fence or twisted along the rail of a balcony – fairy lights bring a sense of holiday to any size or shape of outdoors space. Our warm in tone LED String Fairy Lights are attached to a discreet silver wire, which can be twisted and bent to any shape and will stay in place until you want to make a change, making them ideal for draping them through the branches of trees or winding around your favourite plant.

Purposely made for the outdoors, for use with batteries that fit into a protective waterproof casing, these lights also come with a timer, that turns the lights on for 6 hours and then off for 18 hours.

LED Solar Cotton Ball Lights

Outdoor Solar Powered

2 metres long with 10 lights

Light garlands are a great way of adding more subtle lighting to an outdoor dining space or balcony and we love these LED Solar Cotton Ball Lights that are in three shades of blue. Serving as a diffuser for the warm led lights, the seven-centimetre cotton wrapped balls are pretty and look fantastic in hung in trees. Better still they’re solar-powered, so simply set up the mini panel to catch the sun, for pretty lights all night long!

Solar Powered LED Cork Lights

Solar Powered

1 metre long with 10 lights

Glass and sparkly lights are a perfect combination and our Solar Powered LED Cork Lights are ideal for lighting up bottles and look great dotted around your outdoor eating space. The ultra-bright micro LED lights are integrated into the bendable copper wire so you can arrange them to create your desired effect in a bottle of your choice. Why not try a range of coloured bottles for a display with a difference? The cork will fit most wine, spirit, beer and decorative bottles so the world is your oyster!

LED Solar Globe Stake Lights

Solar Powered

Available in 10cm and 20 cm diameter

Want an expensive lighting look for less? Try one of our two sizes of Solar Globe Stake lights along your pathway, outside of your front door or around a decking area. Available in 10 cm or 20 cm diameter, the technology - the on/off switch, solar module and battery - is located inside the sphere and ensures it’s protected from the weather. Ideally situated in a southerly aspect, this will maximise its exposure to sun rays.

Need more inspiration?

Check out our Pinterest board that's packed with ideas for your outdoor lighting adventures!


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