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New Products - Lampshade Trim, Binding and Braid

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Personalisation is the fun and creative factor of lampshade making, after all, who wants to stop at just picking a fabric or paper for your Lampshade Making Kit or Soft Shade Frame? With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our NEW and extensive range of trims, bias binding and braids, so you can pimp your lampshade, whatever your style.

Guipure Lace

Guipure lace is a type of traditional continuous bobbin lace, which is defined by its lack of backing mesh, woven with bridges or plaits, used to connect the motif patterns together.

Our Guipure Lace Trim is 20cm wide and contains a distinctive lower motif shaped like a shield, with a soft intricately filled scallop upper motif. Perfect for trimming a soft or hard lampshade, it’s available in 11 colours, ranging from straw yellow to black.

Satin Bias Binding

Bias Binding is a common way to finish both hard and soft shades, which gives your shade a clean and professional edge, alongside plenty of colourful and creative possibilities. Satin Bias Binding, however, adds a real touch of luxury to your shade!

Available in sumptuous rich tones such as Emerald Green to soft pastels such as Light Pink, there are 21 colours to choose from. Measuring 25mm wide, this is the perfect width for adding a deep band of striking colour to your shade.

If you're unsure how to add bias binding to a lampshade then take a look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to apply bias binding to a shade by clicking the button below.

Ric Rac

A trim that will definitely bring a smile to your face, Ric Rac is the perfect addition to your finished Lampshade Making Kit! Looking particularly good on an Empire Lampshade, this fun and frivolous trim can be added along the bottom or top edge of your shade, or be simply used as a border. At just 10mm wide, we think this would look great layered as a border in multiple colours and there are 12 to choose from!

Braided Trim

Perfect for soft lampshade making - check out our Soft Lampshade Making Series here - our new Metallic, Gimp and Rayon Braids will work beautifully as a finishing touch due to the density of their weave and their narrow widths.

Add a touch of elegance with our Metallic Braid or Rayon Braid, both 10mm wide and have shiny qualities or opt for the Gimp Braid, which at 6mm wide is a classic choice and works well with a range of Soft Lampshade frames.

Metallic Profile Trims

Offering a harder and more pronounced finish to your shade are our two metallic moulded trims: Decorative Metallic Contoured Profile Trimming and Hockey Stick Decorative Metallic Trim Moulding.

Our Decorative Metallic Contoured Profile Trimming is a semi-circular raised profile, measuring just 3mm wide, making it perfect for edging or creating a border and is available in 5 colours, including matt and shiny finishes.

The Hockey Stick Decorative Metallic Trim Moulding is specifically created for lampshade making and cleverly hooks onto the edge of you your lampshade and is held in place using Dannells 3mm double-sided tape. Available in metallic copper, silver, gold and black, these trims can be used with either patterned or plain handmade lampshades allowing you to create high-end shades, worthy of luxury interiors.

To find out how to professionally apply these trims to your lampshade follow our tutorials in Metallic Profile Lampshade trims + how to apply them blog post.


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