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New Product – Metallic Profile Lampshade trims + how to apply them

Adding extra shine to your lampshades has just got that bit easier with our TWO new and exciting metallic trims! Choose between our elegant Metallic Contoured Profile Trim, or purpose made Hockey Stick Decorative Trim, either of which can be used with any of our Lampshade Making Kits to create some extra lampshade bling!

In this blog post we’ll walk you through the gorgeous and glitzy colour ranges, as well as share our step by step instructions on how to apply and use each one on your handmade shade.

Metallic Contoured Profile trim

With its semi-circular raised profile, our new Metallic Contoured Profile trim can quickly elevate a plain lampshade to be something unique. It can be used to create a chic defined edging or border along the top and bottom of the shade, making this an easy product to create a stylish finishing touch. Available in gold and silver, in both matt and shiny finishes, you can pick the metallic to enhance your shade perfectly!

At just 3mm wide, this trim is super easy to apply to your finished shade due to its flexibility and ease of cutting. It also meets all of the safety requirements you’d expect from a Dannells lampshade making product and its lightfast, UV stable and flame retardant.

Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding

With more structure and rigidity, our Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding has a rounded lipped edge, specially designed to fit around the edge of your lampshade. Not only does this trim provide an eye-catching finish, but protection too.

Available in metallic copper, silver, gold and black, these trims can be used with either patterned or plain handmade lampshades allowing you to create high end shades, worthy of luxury interiors.

Adding Metallic Contoured Profile Trim to your shade

Our 3mm double sided tape is perfect for adhering a length of Metallic Contoured Profile Trim to your made up Lampshade Making Kit and this can be applied, as mentioned above, as an edging, which runs parallel to the lampshade rings or as border sitting at a your chosen distance from the top or bottom of the shade.

Simple add the double sided tape at the depth you want the trim to sit at, then peel away the backing and carefully position the trim on top of the tape. At the lampshade seam, cut cleanly with a sharp pair of scissors and seal in place with a spot of glue.

Adding Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding

Similar to the Metallic Contoured Profile trim above our 3mm double sided tape will securely adhere the Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding to your handmade lampshade.

Starting at the inside seam add a line of double sided tape along the edge of your shade at the top and bottom. Remove the backing paper and again starting at the inside seam, firmly stick the Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding to the tape. Helpfully the moulded round edge of the trim keeps the trim straight and true as it’s been applied to the frame. When you reach the seam, mark the trim at the seam and cut cleanly. Secure the edge with a spot of glue.

Calculating the amount of trim you need

To calculate the length of trim you require, simple measure the length of your panel or circumference of your rings then adding 2 cm extra as cautionary overlap. Remember that if you are using an Empire or Coolie Lampshade making kit that the top and bottom ring measurements are different. Both our Metallic Contoured Profile trim and Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding are available to buy by the metre, meaning you can buy as little or as much as you need.

Product Specification

Here's everything you need to know about our new trims before you buy.

Double up

All of our lampshade making materials and products are made with creativity in mind, so why not double up and add BOTH trims to one of you handmade shades? We had a play and doubled up with the black Hockey Stick Decorative Trim Moulding with a row of Matt Gold Metallic Contoured Profile trim, which we think make a lovely pair!

Show us your shade

Don't forget that you can enter our monthly #memadeshade Instagram competition, by sharing your shade made from a Needcraft lampshade making kit. For more details read our blog post here or find us on Instagram @needcraft.


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