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New Products - 3 Easy Crafts to Try Today!

Small is beautiful, so they say and sometimes a NEW craft that involves a little more detail and offers a few new skills, is just what you need! We've been busy stocking up the craft section of, with new jewellery making, needle felting and knitting and knooking supplies, that we can't wait to introduce you to in today's blog post.

Jewellery Making

From simple beaded bracelets to keep the kids occupied over summer, to mastering making your own professional jewellery, our NEW jewellery section has it all!

Pick from our dazzling range of beads, which include pony beads in all the shades of the rainbow and dazzling bugle and plated beads to match the stars! We really have everything you need to get started making your own jewellery.

A brilliant creative beginner craft, start simple with either a reel of coloured elasticated cord LINK and jewel bead assortment for bright, fun bracelets and necklaces or invest in a pair of jewellery pliers LINK and pick from our filigree and pearl beads, finished with a clasp for more upmarket pieces.

Needle Felting

Using natural fibres and needles (not as dangerous as it sounds!), felting is a quick and easy craft to learn, which needs minimal materials and can be set up on a budget.

With super satisfying results, once you feel comfortable with the techniques there are plenty of online tutorials teaching you how to needle felt everything and anything from sheep to macarons!

Our Assorted packs of Natural Wool Roving are a great beginner buy and are available in monochromes, brights, neons and pastels which include 4 different colours of wool roving, weighing 12.5g each making them suitable for small starter projects. If you prefer to mix and match, pick from our 18 individual colours of natural wool roving, each weighing 10 grams.

Whether you start with a Pen Style Needle or a Needle Holder Felting Tool, we stock needle refills for light and heavier wools. Try using a Felting Needle Mat, which will hold your project in place while you felt.


Knooking is a cross between crochet and knitting, which is fast becoming a popular third yarn craft. Invented in Japan in the nineties, it uses a knooking needle is shaped like a crochet hook, and has the addition of a sewing needle-like hole in the end, which the yarn is threaded through, to hold the stitches. Using a mixture of techniques that are seen in both knitting and crochet, the finished item will look like it's knitted. This said, you don’t need to know how to do either yarn craft beforehand and Knooking is handily a craft that a complete beginner can pick up easily.

Our selection of Knooking Needles are brilliant for a variety of projects from bracelets to bags with the medium Knooking Needles working well with our range of yarns LINK. Here’s a guide on what to use each one for:

Feeling hooked? Or should that be knooked? Try these projects from FREE PDF projects from Pony below:


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