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Lampshade Kit Hack #6 - Starry Night Lampshade + FREE Template PDF

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Highlighting our professional cutting service in our last blog post got us thinking that it would be fun to explore a DIY version of the same thing and this effective star cut out hack was born!

Making shades for a children's room opens up plenty of cool creative ideas and we think kids will love the soft glow of the stars shining through the fabric. The stars are a simple design, the perfect unisex lampshade and with all of our drum lampshade making kits, this can be used as a pendant light (hanging from the ceiling) or as a table lamp. To make this project easier we've provided you with a FREE star template PDF, complete with perfect sized stars!

If you fancy stretching your creativity there's nothing to stop you from cutting out a child's name or maybe a silhouette of their favourite animal or superhero! And if you're looking for a nightlight, why not try the technique in the step by step DIY tutorial below on one of our table lamp kits?

What you’ll need

Fabric of your choice

Masking tape

Craft knife

Fabric scissors

Paper scissors

Glue stick

Stiff card


Large cutting mat or piece of wood

How to make a starry night lampshade

1. Before starting, remove the PVC panel from the polythene wrapping and lay it flat under some heavy books for a few hours or overnight to flatten.

2. Print the FREE star template PDF and cut out your star shapes. To firm templates to draw around glue onto a piece of card and cut out. An old cereal box works perfectly for this.

Top tip: If you are going to create a repeat pattern it may be worth printing and cutting out a second sheet so you can create a more visual layout.

3. Layout the templates in the order you’d like to see them positioned on the paper backing on the PVC. We wanted our stars to be clustered in the centre of the lampshade for impact and measured 30 cm from each short end of the PVC (marked in blue felt tip). This created a centred space to layout our stars in.

You can however spread the stars right across the shade, but just remember to position the stars at least 2cm away from each short edge of the PVC, as this will form the seam of your lampshade.

4. Take your first star template and draw around gently onto the backing paper, using a sharp pencil.

5. Using the craft knife start at the point of one of the stars and cut along the length of one of the sides. The first time cutting around the star is to score a cut in the PVC. The second time around is to cut deeper, right through the PVC, using the score lines as a guide.

Note: The paper may rip when you are cutting along the lines, but this is nothing to worry about. If this happens just continue cutting the lines by eye.

6. Once you have made the second cut through the PVC gently push the star out of the PVC.

7. Repeat with each star until they have all been cut out.

8. Apply the PVC onto reverse of your fabric, in the same method described in the instructions, pulling away the backing paper around 5-10 cm at a time.

Top tip: When applying PVC to the fabric, make sure this lays down as tightly as possible to avoid bagginess around the stars. We taped our fabric to the table to avoid this moving as the PVC was applied. You could also ask a willing volunteer to pull the fabric tight if needed.

9. Turn over the PVC and check that the fabric has adhered smoothly from the right side. Smooth out if needed.

10. Make up the rest of the shade using the You Tube video below below starting at 6 minutes or use the pictorial instructions that came with your kit.

11. Volia - you've made your very own Starry night lampshade!


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