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3 creative services for next level lampshades

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Pimping your lampshade is easier than you think. There’s the DIY route, that we all know and love, using one of our lampshade making kits with beautiful fabric, sophisticated trims or coloured, metallic or even neon PVC's, to bring your shade to life.

Or you could use one of our 3 creative services, to really enhance your shade making and take it to the next level.

Pick from designing your own fabric, creating your own bespoke shade dimensions or trying out one of our exciting cut-out motif templates to enrich your design. As always, we’ll be there to help you bring your innovative lampshade ideas to life.

Print your own design

Do you have designs in your sketchbook that you’d love to see on a lampshade? Our professional fabric printing service uses a range of textiles that provide excellent print quality, at affordable prices for your project and can be used to print your own designs.

Picked for their specific characteristics to make great quality lampshades, choose from textiles such as velvet, block out, linen and poly textile. For more details on each fabric check out our post Print your own lampshade using our fabric printing services.

What's more, you can feel the quality of our fabrics by ordering a FREE sample booklet as seen below HERE.

Lampshade design service

Shape? Size? Your creativity is the only limit when using our Lampshade Design software!

So very easy to use, just enter the dimensions of your desired shade and if it’s not perfect you can tinker until your heart's content using the simple design visuals.

Best of all it’s FREE to use and once you're happy with your design, simply download your PDF, print it off and piece together to make your template. Or for an even easier option, we can cut your PVC panel for you and send it straight to your door!

Bespoke decorative cutting service

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been offering lampshade manufacturer our cutting services and we thought why not share this service with you too?

Using negative space for the light to shine through, we think these cutout motifs add real sophistication to a shade and our digital cutting machinery can cut a range of patterns. If you're unsure of what you might be able to do with this service, take a look at these examples below.

Feeling inspired? If you have any special cutting requirements for your lampshade designs just talk to one of our friendly team members via email -

So with plenty of ideas to pimp your lampshade and we can't wait to see what you make! Don't forget to share your shades with us on Facebook, Twitter or you can even enter out #memadeshade competition on Instagram.


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