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Print your own lampshade using our Fabric Printing Service

Updated: Mar 11

Making your lampshade almost definitely leads to something unique, but have you ever thought about adding an extra personal touch by designing your own fabric for you shade too?

Our in-house Fabric Printing Service means your designs can made up into three quality types of fabrics, to suit our standard sized lampshade panels making the converting your designs.

Maybe you're a designer who wants to add a new product line to your range? Or a lampshade maker who wants to add value to their shades with bespoke fabrics?

Either way we can print your designs onto either velvet, linen or polytextile - find out more about each fabric below.


The most economic and the ideal choice for lightweight soft furnishings. Perfect for manufacturing Lampshades and a whole range of crafting projects


Constructed with a tightly woven polyester blend of fibres. Very durable and robust it resists damage from abrasion and has a lower likelihood of piling or having lint build-up.


Luxurious, chic and versatile. Velvet is ideal for fashion and furnishings due to its exceptional softness. It's also an excellent choice for cushions that you can snuggle up to!

Shape and size

Available for our popular shades, you can now order your own fabrics for our standard size lampshade panels directly on our website, giving you the confidence that they will fit your lampshade panels perfectly!

Sizes include for our drum shades from a 15cm diameter through to 70 cm diameter and for our coolie shade 30cm and 45cm coolie shade.

Need different sizes? Contact our friendly team at to discuss your bespoke order and we'll advise the best option for your project.

How to design and print a drum lampshade panel

In our blog post how to design a print a drum lampshade panel, talented print designer and creative Alison Bick of, shows step-by-step how to design your fabric, using Adobe Illustrator, starting with her inspiration for her design through to sending this to our Fabric Printing Service.

We love her simple but effective top tip below;

I find it really handy to print off a miniature version of the lampshade, and check the overlaps and how the design will eventually look. It is much easier than trying to visualise it from a flat template.

Not just lampshades

And our Fabric Printing Service doesn't stop at lampshades. Want to use your designs to create a range of matching cushions? We can do that too!

For cushion printing we recommend our soft velvet which gives a luxurious quality to your designs so why not consider this when creating your initial lampshade design to extend your product range, by offering matching designs.

Finally, if you'd like to order a FREE fabric sample pack like the one below, giving you the chance to see and feel the quality of the fabrics for yourself, please order using this link or drop an email to



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