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Fringe benefits

If you hear the word fringing and think of your Gran’s 1970’s velour sofa, think again! Fringing is packing a punch in the world of interiors and fashion and has become a hot new trend, adorning everything from dresses, to arm chairs and of course, lampshades.

Also know as passementerie, which is the French art of making elaborate trimmings and edging, adding any form of trimming to your handmade shade will almost definitely create a point of difference and will be bang on trend. A great way of taking shade personalisation one step further, it’s also an extra you can offer to clients if you’re making shades as a business.

Give it the edge

The simplest way to add fringing, and possibly the most traditional is to run your trim along the bottom edge of the shade. Dannell’s 9mm tape or EVA Adhesive is a great way to ensure a good hold.

The thickness of your fringing or trim will depend on whether you decide to tuck this under your seam at the point of closing or neatly fold your trim under afterwards to match the edge of the seam. If the trim is thick it’s better to cut away as much as possible and neatly fold to avoid and unsightly bump in your seam.

To avoid the fringing getting trapped in the tape as you’re tucking  your fabric under the ring on the final stages try running a length of masking tape along your fringing before you start. This can help keep the strands out of the way.

When looking at the length of your fringing, also consider the depth of your shade, making sure the proportions of the two create a balance that is easy on the eye. Or take inspiration from this spectacular colour clashing shade by Beauvamp and opt for more fringe than shade! Follow Beauvamp on Instagram to see their stunning collections.

Creating Waves

And fringing doesn’t have to be straight!

Rachel Hussey, lampshade maker of Fait par Moi has made this stunning shade in beautiful black crushed velvet, which she recently posted on the Dannell’s Facebook Lampshade Makers group. (click on the link to join!) Rachel has carefully handsewn her matching scrolled trim and fringing to the rings of this double scallop shade. Our Dannells Scollop shades would be perfect to create a similar look.

Full on fringe

Fringing can also be the full on focus of your shade and making use of  Dannell’s Double Sided PVC as the Cheeky Pickle has here means that you can still add pattern, but on the inside. Maximising the fringing on the outside creates a really chic and glamorous look.

Tassel lampshade with wallpaper liner – £45.00 – Cheeky


Beads, pom poms, woven braid and diamantes are all variations on types of trims and can add everything from a modern twist like the shade below, to a cheeky addition to a children’s shade, to giving a period art deco shade a twinkling finishing touch and you can check out  our range of trims here.

And to think they are all a world away from your gran’s velour sofa *wink*

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