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Four quick bedroom hacks

1: Pick a happy colour

This is your room, so select colours that make you feel clam and relaxed. Neutral shades are recommended for the ultimate in serenity as vibrant tones seek to stimulate. If you do want to use a bright colour, use it as a single accent, toning it down with one or two more subtle hues.

Bedroom scene with Lantern from Dannells

2: Clear the clutter

A room full of mess or one that is overcrowded with ‘stuff’ doesn’t exactly create a sense of calm. Be smart with how you store your bedroom bits and pieces; make the most of under-bed storage and utilise drawers and boxes for messy make-up and fiddly jewellery.

3: Keep it personal

While you should clear the clutter you don’t want a sterile environment. So accessorise with care, choosing treasured items that are special to you.

bedroom sidetable scene with Lantern from Dannells

4: Get reading

Research from the University of Surrey found that stress levels were reduced by reading books, especially before bedtime. So put down your phone and grab that novel.


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