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Interiors inspiration: The Cottagecore trend

Spanning both fashion and interiors, Cottagecore started to gain traction in early 2019, evolving as an internet and social media trend, due to it’s popularity with the younger generations, particularly in the US.

Cottage Core focuses on aspirations of rural lifestyles, romantic home styling, cosy country cottage vibes mixed with crafts and lifestyle hobbies, such as flower arranging, baking and gardening. A homely life is essentially at its core.

A well adopted trend during 2020, the year of staying at home, Cottagecore was embraced for it’s eclectic and cluttered style. UK followers have however added their own twists to the idolisation and recreation of idyllic country life, with contemporary concepts such as eco living and sustainability, while still sticking with the trend's more traditional aesthetics.

Wherever you live, it’s been made clear that Cottagecore is a trend you can get on a board with by simply adding a few fitting accessories to your home and we think lampshades are the ideal way to make it happen!

How to add Cottage core to your home

Floral fabrics, knitted blankets, botanical drawings, dried flowers, china tea sets and vintage furniture are all part of the Cottagecore look and if you’re a fan of charity shops, vintage markets and car boot sales, it’s definitely a look that’s achievable on a budget.

Upcycling and handicrafts such as patch working and crochet sync with the need for simpler, slower life and more sustainable way to decorate and dress our homes. Add to this the craft of making your own lampshade and you can bring the Cottagecore trend straight to your door with your own choice of fabric. Simple and easy to achieve in just an hour you can make your own lampshade, using one of our lampshade making kits, to tie your look together, or to add just a touch of this eclectic trend.

We’ve picked out the best Cottagecore lampshades from our talented lampshade makers, for you to buy or be inspired by.


The ultimate country cottage fabric, a pop of gingham will add an instant Cottagecore feel. We love that Jane of @thelampshadeloft has added a voluminous frill to the base of this gorgeous hand sewn lampshade. Check out Jane's website, for other colours.

Bold Florals

Bring the outside in in a big way with a bold floral lampshade, like this one from @thepatchworkhare. Focusing on the outdoor element of the trend means you can have flowers in your room all year round! Check out more of Kay's countryside prints and patterns on her Instagram or Facebook pages.

Muted Tones

Adding soft, calm muted tones to your home is an easy way to achieve the trend particularly when mixed with texture, something that @crafty.robin.restyles has triumphed in with this lampshade and base combination. Lampshade maker, Sue, is also a lover of upcycling furniture and you can find her work, along with her handmade lampshades on her Etsy store.

Kitchen Garden

Pretty prints don't just need to be flowers and we love this fruity print lampshade (another key element of the Cottagecore trend) made by @jenthepiecemaker. Jen's Etsy shop is packed full of natural prints, birds and animal and classic Liberty and William Morris prints, so definitely worth a look.

And don't forget, if you do decide to make your own Cottagecore lampshade you can enter it into our monthly Instagram #memadeshade competition. You could win £100 worth of Dannells vouchers - that's lots more shades you can make!


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