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BEAM - Making lampshades to expand your soft furnishings services

The skill of making bespoke curtains and blinds is not to be underestimated, as many curtain and blind makers will know. From initial measure up to the handover of the finished product, hours of work, skill and knowledge are put to use. But what if you, as a curtain maker, could add another soft furnishings skill to your repertoire to increase the services you offer?

When changing the look and feel of a space, buying a new lampshade naturally goes hand in hand with changing other soft furnishings, such as curtains and blinds. Although lampshade making is a skillful craft, it’s much, much simpler than makers and crafters initially think, especially when making ‘hard shades’, known as drum lampshades to the layman.

As we’ve grown our own business, we’ve seen many curtain and blind makers start to use our lampshade making kits and materials, to offer clients a complete and rounded soft furnishings package of curtains, blinds, cushions and lampshades. Not only will lampshade making enhance your offering, but increase your profit margins and your own creative skills too!

Next steps

Not sure where to start? Dannells are always here to help you developing your lampshade makings skills, so here’s our tips on what to do next:

Watch our ‘How to make a drum lampshade’ YouTube video LINK.

Our You Tube videos are packed with step by step instruction, hints and tips, this introduction to drum lampshades is just 21 minutes long and will have you itching to make your first lampshade in no time.

Order a lampshade making kit

With all the measuring done in advance, all you’ll need is a clean flat surface, fabric scissors, paper scissors and your client’s choice of fabric to make a lampshade making kit. Set aside 45 minutes to an hour and you’ll soon have a fantastic lampshade. It really is that simple!

Browse our website

For an idea of what you can offer your clients, take a look at our extensive lampshade making products at From drum shades in a wide range of sizes and shapes to soft shade making materials, we stock everything from chandelier shades to huge statement lampshades. Whatever your client is looking for, we have it!

Check out our manufacturing packs

With all the essential components supplied compactly in one box, at the most economical rates, our Manufacturing Packs make it simple to offer lampshades at a profitable mark up and allow you to add lampshade making as a client service straight away! If you’d prefer a mix of lampshade sizes our Start Up Pack includes small, medium and large lampshades, ready to make.

Play with our bespoke lampshade making tool

Once you’ve mastered making lampshades, how about offering bespoke lampshade shapes and sizes? Our online Lampshade Designer Software tool, means that you can create lampshade templates to your client’s exact requirements, to enhance their interior scheme.

Visit our blog and join our Facebook group

Inspirational and educational, our blog is bursting with creative ideas and useful lampshade making tips and business advice and if you have a question, our 2000 + lampshade makers are ready to share their advice and knowledge on our Lampshade Makers Support Facebook group.

Meet the Curtain Makers

Expert curtain and blind maker, Lou, of Lou's Thread Interiors added lampshade making to her services and in turn expanded her business to offer the whole interior package. We caught up with Lou to find out why she added lampshades to her repertoire of services.

Why did you start offering lampshade making as part of your soft furnishing services?

I decided to start offering a lampshade making service to my clients around 4 to 5 years ago now. At the time a few large department stores who sold lampshade had closed down and my clients kept asking me where they could go to buy lampshades. There was clearly a gap in the market so I looked into it and thought it was something I could offer.

How did you learn to make lampshades?

A local interiors shop to me were running some lampshade making courses so I booked myself on one of the night classes and made my first ever lampshade. It was good fun and I found it relatively easy, as I was able to apply the skill set I already had to making the shade. From there I made a few shades for family to practice and perfected my techniques, tweaking them as I made.

What benefits has this brought to your business?

Being able to offer matching lampshades to complete room designs means I can offer a full package. Clients really love choosing complimentary fabrics to use on the shades which go with the room design and love to be able to update lamp bases they already have. It's the finishing touch to complete a room!

Facebook: @lousthread

Interested in finding out more?

Diane and our friendly Customer Service Team are available to chat through your bespoke lampshade making requirements so feel free to drop us a line at or call on 01992 700311. We'd be only to happy to help!


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