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Blog highlights and Top Posts of 2021

It’s been a busy year on the Dannells blog and with many people trying their hand at lampshade making in the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, we’ve been writing blog posts that inspire, educate and support you, whether you’re new to lampshade making or already an experienced and established lampshade maker.

This year alone we’ve posted over 80 blog posts that cover everything from lampshade making tips, tricks and tutorials to small business advice. As 2021 draws to a close we thought we’d highlight the blog posts you’ve liked the most and recap on what we have to offer to continue to support you - our lampshade making community - in as many ways as we can.

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

From lampshade making basics such as fabrics, trims and new lampshade making products to customer considerations such as packing and safety, our top 5 blog pots of 2020 reflect that our lampshade makers want to be adventurous and creative, as well as delight customers each and every time! Each of our top posts listed is packed with information and is often inspired by what our lampshade makers are talking about, asking about and making!

Sharing our expert advice on suitable fabrics to use for making lampshades this post is packed with recommendations to help you pick the right fabric for your lampshade.

Adding a trim to a shade is a simple way to take your lampshade making to the next level. In this post we show you the best adhesive products to use and share plenty of tips from our expert lampshade makers on the best ways to attach trims.

As we are members of the Lighting Association, we shared our knowledge on what you need to know when retailing your lampshades, including safety guidance and technical advice, both of which are equally as important, as the design and style of your shade.

We love a new lampshade making product as much as you do, so when we developed a range of 35 colours of Self-Adhesive Textile Tape, earlier in the year, we couldn’t wait to show you how to use them! See the full step by step tutorial via the link in the title.

For many lampshade makers the journey doesn’t just stop at their amazing lampshade skills, but once the customer receives their lampshade safe and sound. Finding the right (and ideally environmentally sound) packing solutions is a minefield, so in this post we shared tried a tested methods from lampshade makers in the know.

2020 - The year of BEAM

In the Spring of 2020 we launched BEAM, Business Expertise and Advice for Makers, to help and support our lampshade makers who wanted to turn their passion in to a business. By offering impartial advice about selling on a range of selling platforms, sharing safety standards and talking to inspirational lampshade makers who have successfully scaled up their businesses, we hope these posts have helped you somewhere along the way and if not, will create a reference library for your future lampshade making aspirations.

Creative Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

The most fun part of working on the Dannells blog is looking at new and creative ways to elevate your lampshade making. In 2021 we covered everything from lampshade making kit hacks, to creative shade tutorials (think cut out stars and using maps rather than fabric) and advice on how to use our products creatively we had lots of fun with our plain rings which can be used for literally anything! And we already have plenty ideas ready to roll and inspire you in 2022.

Meet the Makers

There is nothing more we like than getting to know our customers and hearing all about their lampshade making journey, and it seems you love the same!

This year we’ve featured Lampshade makers who work with materials that include felt, African textiles, paper, hand printed fabrics and even macramé! Giving a unique insight into the behind the scenes work that goes into creating, making and selling their own unique lampshades, our Meet the Maker stories are inspirational and a real pleasure to share with you on the blog.

So from us to you, we want to thank you for reading the Dannells blog and we're looking forward to sharing more creative, insightful posts in 2022.

Until then we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous start to 2022!

Sam and Monica x


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