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Introducing Self-Adhesive Textile tape and how to use it

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

As a follow up to our recent post on our fabulous and creative laminated parchment papers, we’d like to introduce you to their perfect partner – Self Adhesive Textile Tapes.

Primrose yellow, bottle green, blush pink and mid grey are just a few of the 35 colours (yep – you read right!) that our Self Adhesive Textile Tapes are available in, meaning whatever colour you’re looking for we’re bound to have it!

Not only used to create a strong bond at the top and bottom of a parchment lampshade, these can also be used with our lampshade making kits too, to form a decorative edging, similar to bias binding. And so you can use our Self Adhesive Textile Tapes with confidence, today we’re going to take you step by step through perfecting a crisp white parchment shade with a vibrant fabric trimmed edge.

What the difference between lampshade making fabric tapes?

There are a few different types of fabric tapes (or webbing) that are used for lampshade making. For traditional soft shades cotton binding tapes, which are non-stretch and 100% cotton, are most commonly used for binding around lampshade frames for sewing fabric and textiles onto the frame.

Bias Binding, also 100% cotton, is generally used for hemming and edging the top and bottom of your lampshades. Cut ‘on the bias’, so diagonally across a piece of fabric, the bias tape has natural stretch making it easily curve around your lampshade, giving it a clean finish.

Made in house from our Chic fabric range, our Self Adhesive Textile Tapes are 19mm wide and applied to our Tesa tapes for a quality finishing tape, that can be applied easily and quickly, similar to bias tape.

What you'll need

Parchment of your choice, cut to size required

Lampshade making rings – we used 30 cm


Ruler or tape measure

Seam roller- optional

How to make a parchment and Chic self-adhesive fabric tape lampshade

1. Measure out your parchment to the size you required. If you’re unsure of the size you need for you lampshade making rings, a handy way of checking is to use the dimensions for the same size Lampshade Making Kit on our website. Remember the dimensions will include a kiss cut, which you won’t need for a parchment shade.

2. Measure two lengths of self adhesive textile tape each 1cm longer than the length of the panel you have cut.

3. Lay the parchment flat on a clean surface and mark 6mm from the top and bottom of the shade lightly with a pencil.

4. Cover the rings in tape and add a short length of tape on the inside short end of the parchment.

5. Remove the backing tape from the utility ring first and place on the table, while you remove the backing from the plain ring.

6. Roll the rings, simultaneously along the top and bottom edges.

7. Once the shade is rolled don’t close the seam, leaving around 2-3 cm of the parchment open from the frame, keeping the red backing paper still in place.

8. Peel back 5cm of the backing paper from one of the lengths of self-adhesive textile tape and stick to the top edge at the inside of the seam, using the pencil marks as a guide.

9. Continue to peel the backing paper away around 5cm at a time, carefully positioning the tape along the edge of the shade using the pencil markers.

10. When you reach the seam fold, make sure the tapes are level.

11. Cut the tape overlap back to 0.5cm.

12. Fold the tape end over on itself tape to create a neat edge. Cut a small price of double sided tape and position on the inside of the fold. This will help adhere the folded seam in the next steps.

13. Repeat steps 8 – 12 on the opposite edge of the lampshade.

14. Remove the red backing tape, from both folds and from the length of the seam. Close the seam together.

15. Push the tape down around the ring, from the side of the shade and repeat on the other side.

16. Using the tucking in tool, push the tape overlap underneath the frame as you would on a lampshade making kit.

17. Volia - you've made a parchment shade using Self Adhesive Textile Tape!

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Do we not need to peel off the backing of the Chic self-adhesive fabric tape when applying to the lampshade? Above only mentions the first couple cm peeled off and rest is used without sticking to the lampshade. Could you please clarify?

답글 상대:

This makes sense, thank you so much for clarifying :)

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