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A Cross Stitch in time using Needcraft creative kits

We know our creative kits offer endless creative opportunities, but we’re always pleasantly surprised when a inventive idea takes one of our Needcraft kits and turns it into something we’d have never imagined.

Enter Edeltraud and Marcus of who run a needlepoint and cross stitch pattern business in Roermond, in the South East of the Netherlands, who first came across our products at the H+H show in Colgne in 2019. By merging their knowledge of cross stitch with not one, but four of our products, they have created a suite of nostalgic and beautifully crafted homewares, that would easily slip into any modern home.

Inspired by traditional Transsilvanian cross stitch designs, the team at Naald en draad have created cross stitch patterns, to fit with our clock making kit and rectangle, square and circle Textile Wall art kits, some which use old photographs as centrepieces, attached using the kits double sided tape - a really unique and beautiful way of preserving family memories.

Featured in the April issue of Anna, a bestselling German craft magazine, which comes complete with a pull out pattern for each individual piece, we love the sepia tones, the delicate stitching and the clever use of our clock making kit, which literally turns it into a handcrafted work of art!

All of the cross stitch designs have been sewn into soft open weave Belfast linen as shown below, and if you’d prefer a more modern finish, you could easily use a white or pastel open weave linen.

If you're inspired check out more clock designs for sale on the NaaldDraad Etsy site pcitured below, designed by Jan Houtman using a traditional 'madala' as inspiration and brighter coloured threads.

Or why not have a go at creating your own cross stitch design. As always we'd love to see what you come up with so don't forget to share on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages

Happy stitching!

Jan Houtman | Mandala nr.8
Bud of Live | JH Mandala var 1



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