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3 Shibori techniques for lampshades

Susuzan on Dannells lampshade blog

If you haven’t tried shibori dying yet you really must, it is a beautifully simple technique using natural dye and the art of manipulating cloth to create beautiful patterns. Each piece is unique and the magic is in the unfolding to reveal your masterpiece. It really is like magic!

We found three shibori lampshades to inspire your lampshade making.

Dannells lampshade blog

1. The dip-dye

This ethereal looking dip-dye lampshade is by the Ikea blog. Try your own using a coolie lampshade kit with elastic sewn into the top and base of the fabric ‘skirt’ and simply pull your dip-dyed fabric ‘skirt’ over the frame. Voila!

2. The un-dye

This wonderful creation is by Suzusan, artisans in the ancient art of shibori who are committed to keeping the art alive by developing new and innovative shibori techniques. The Murase family have been refining textiles with the traditional shibori technique for over 100 years. This masterpiece has been created using string or plastic bands tied round the cloth, systematically working along the whole piece of fabric. We love the sculptural look of the un-dyed cloth. Try your own using a table or floor lampshade kit, sew your sculpted fabric into a tube and add elastic to the top and base, then pull the fabric skirt over the frame.

Red House West on Dannells lampshade blog

3. The fold and tie

Red House West used the accordion pleat and tying techniques to create these simple and striking patterns. Make your own using a drum lampshade kit and follow the video here to apply your fabric to the frame.

Red House West on Dannells lampshade blog

Have you made your own shibori lampshade? Show us in the comments below or tag us on social media!

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