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You Tube Hexagon lampshade tutorial

If you missed our You Tube Live lampshade making workshop on Saturday, we had a lot of fun demonstrating how to make a Hexagon Lampshade Kit in real time to lots of keen lampshade makers. Thanks for watching if you managed to tune in!

If you missed this, you can catch the video, filmed live from our Demonstrator Sam's home, on our You Tube channel, along with plenty of other lampshade making tutorials.

There's nothing we love more than showing and sharing hints and tip for our kits and we thought it was high time we showcased our fabulously modern Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit just a little more. Not often seem on the high street, by making up one of our hexagon lampshade you'll really have something completely unique.

With six side to play with our Hexagonal shade kit is easy to adapt creatively. It's clean geometric lines and six sides can be accentuated, with a print, pattern or paper as these three clever shades below show.

Art - attack

Taken from our blog to celebrate Valentine's Day this pretty shade has been fabric printed with a stencil on just one of the six side of the hexagon shade. There would be nothing stopping you printing a motif on every side using a stencil or why not try creating a lino print for each side? We found this easy step by step tutorial on how create a lino print from scratch.

Go geo

Or even geo on geo! This fine pendant lampshade from @Candidowl puts the geometric shape of the hexagon to good use, by echoing it's shape with an equally geometric wallpaper and eye catching silver bias tape. Find more of her shades and lighting accessories at

In the fold

We love @make_hay_design's clever designs and she's literally put a twist on our hexagon frames, by playing with the form of the PVC and scoring it to make this gorgeous shape, backed with terrazzo paper from @fermliving . Check out her Estsy shop here.

Three tips for making up our Hexagon Lampshade making Kit

Although the hexagonal shade is a simple to make up as a regular drum shade, we’ve a few hints and tips to help you get professional results.


Position your frames on top of each other and make a mark in the same position on each frame. An easy way to do this is to find the point where the epoxy coating (the white plastic that covers the frames) meets. Mark with a pencil and use this as your starting point when rolling the rings .

Tip 2

Line up as precisely as possible the pencil marking in the centre of one of your frame side with the short edge of the PVC, before starting to roll. Make sure both rings sit on the seam at the same position on the ring to avoid a wonky rolled shade!

Tip 3

When attaching your frames to the Stick It PVC, makes sure your corners are nice and tight and flush to the frame. With a drum shape, this isn’t an issue, but for the Hexagon shape it’s good to make sure each corner of the hexagon is sitting tightly against the PVC.

We'd love to see your hexgon lampshades, so don't forget to share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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