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Top of the Clocks – Creative ideas for Needcraft Clock Making Kits

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

If you’ve not yet tried one of our Needcraft kits, 2022 might be the year to try one out! Featuring a range of useful home ware kits, from sewing bin kits to floor lamps, they’re brilliant for bringing a fabric you love into your home and are ideal for either a complete beginner or a seasoned crafter.

We've plenty of creative ideas to share that will make our Needcraft kits shine and first up is our Needcraft Clock Making Kit, a quick and easy make, perfect for adding a touch of timeless personality to your space.

Clock in

Whatever you’re loves are in life, you'll need just 34 x 34 cm of fabric, to add them to a clock making kit! From felines to florals, there are plenty of fabrics available for you to choose from that will match your interior vibe. Bear in mind that your fabric needs to be a woven fabric and ideally a medium sized all over print, dependent on how visible you want to your print to be. A pattern approximately 5-15 cm high would work well and of course you could go bold and source a print that would fill the whole clock face.

Rock around the clock

Our clock kits are a blank canvas waiting to be played with and by starting with a neutral fabric base, you can print, paint or draw your own design to fit within the 30cm diameter clock face. Our neutral Chic fabrics are perfect for printing onto due to it's tightly woven smooth surface, made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and a weight of 110g/m.

We love how Emma McKie (@emma_mckie_designs) has used her signature seashore designs in place of the clock number, creating an elegant, but simple seaside design.

Designer Tick Tock

Go truly bespoke by creating your own fabric design, for your Needcraft Clock Kit, to show off your creative talents. Our printing team can help you print your clock designs and print onto a range of fabric including polytextile, linen, velvet or blackout, which are all ideal for other homewares, such as lampshade, curtains and of course our other Needcraft Kits.

Made with her New Dawn fabric, inspired by planets and the setting sun, the talented @clairemorosi of Rosimorosi made this striking clock, which has a distinct retro feel.

Clock kit #hacks

We love a hack and even our clock kits can be tweaked to create a point of difference. Making life easy add a set of our Clock Face Stickers or Numbers. Available in red or black, our clock face stickers come pre-spaced on a clear circular sticker that fits exactly over the clock , whereas as the numbers individual and require positioning directly on the the clock face and are 2mm high.

Covering the clock hands in washi tape as seen in our Washi Tape Clock Making Kit DIY tutorial, allows you to match or contrast them to your clock face covering. It’s a simple trick that can make all the difference.

Go Square!

Who said clocks need to be round? Not us! Our Square Clock Making Kit, with it's lovely rounded corners, is something just a little bit different for your wall and measures 30 x 30 cm. Each kit comes with a choice of two colours of hands - black or white - and similar to our round clock is perfect for a medium sized print fabric like the one below.

Matchy, matchy

Fancy cohesive accessories for your interior look? How about matching your Needcraft Clock Kit to your lampshades, using the same themed fabric and one or more of our lampshade making kits. Working well in a plain room, so great for renters, this is an easier than you think look to achieve, as our clock kits and lampshade making kits use very similar skills.

We think @jaggythistlecrafts has got the balance just right with this beautiful bird print fabric, that fits flawlessly onto the pictured clocks and rounded rectangle shade.


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