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Student workshop packs!

student workshop

Student Workshop Packs – Lampshade making kits to make bespoke, handmade lampshades.

‘The perfect way to provide a new and exciting creative challenge for your students’

Everything in the box to run your own Lampshade Making Workshop !

Designed for the classroom, workshop or any group making activity these packs contain everything students need to make professional, handmade lampshades using their design of choice. From concept to completion students will enjoy the process of designing their own lampshades, reflecting their ideas and inspirations in a project that will have resonance far beyond the end of the lesson.

Every pack contains clear and comprehensive instruction sheets (A4) with colour photographs. We also have PowerPoint / PDF presentations, and videos accessible for additional support.

How do they work?

The student provides their covering of choice, any fabric or wallpaper can be used.

This covering is laminated to the self-adhesive lampshade panel from the pack they then simply follow the step by step instructions to make the lampshade. It’s a straightforward and highly rewarding process.


There is the option for you to provide coverings for the students to select from, or we can supply an additional fabric pack which contains 50 pieces of quality material in various designs and colours.

Organisations with design and print capabilities often choose to offer students a complete project as they can design the textile they will use.   Digital, block or screen printing or embroidery methods can be used.

‘Everything in the box to run your own Lampshade Making Workshop’

student workshop

Purpose of the lampshade packs

These packs enable tutors to teach a new skill and run creative workshops, projects and events in educational and social establishments.

Lampshade making will engage, excite, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. Students will acquire a broad range of subject knowledge in making the product and draw on many disciplines such as maths, science, computing, art and practical skills.

How long does it take to make the lampshade?

Most tutors allow 1hour 30 mins to make the lampshade in a workshop environment. That is the amount of time you should allow for integration into a more comprehensive project.

Students could also extend the project by adding embroidery or other embellishments.

student workshop

The Student Benefits

Planning the design will develop their creativity.

Discussing their creative ideas with fellow students will advance communication skills.

Actually making the product will grow their practical skills.

Teaches them an introduction of manufacturing concepts crucial to the development of young minds.

Develop the students’ enterprise capabilities to Design – Manufacture – Advertise – Sell.

The completed lampshades will be a source of pride and build confidence.

About the lampshades

What style of lampshade will the packs make?

The packs will make modern drum type lampshades that can be used as Pendants (Ceiling lights) or they can be used with Table Lamps. We have three sizes available Small 20cm, Medium 30cm and Large 40cm. The medium size 30cm is the most common and popular sized lampshade and is highly recommended.

student workshop

What type of lamp holder will this lampshade fit?

The lampshade frame included in your kit will fit the standard bayonet cap (BC) lamp holder.

This is the most common type of lamp fitting in the UK today. It can also be used with Edison Screw (E27) lamp holders, most common in Europe, simply remove the converter plug in the centre of the fitting.

Lampshades and safety

The lampshade material (PVC PANEL) has been tested for fire resistance in the Lighting Association Laboratories to comply with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaries. The student’s fabrics, textiles or paper that is laminated to our PVC will become fire resistant, perfectly safe.

Photograph courtesy of

student workshop

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What’s in the box?

Each pack will contain an information sheet with preparation guidance and the covering dimensions required to fit the lampshade panels plus the following.

30 x Sets of Lampshade rings, epoxy coated

30 x Self-Adhesive lampshade panel includes 14mm kiss cut. (Packed Flat)

30 x Rolls of 9mm Double Sided Self-Adhesive tape

30 x Rolled Edge Tools for finishing

30 x Comprehensive instruction sheets (A4) with colour photographs for each student

Will the student need any additional tools?

Clean flat working area required, plus scissors, sharp knife and a standard tape measure.

We also have an optional Student’s Tool Pack available which includes all the basic tools above plus an additional hand squeegee to help smooth out the covering and a roller for applying pressure to the seam join.

Help and support

Every pack contains clear and comprehensive instruction sheets (A4) with colour photographs to help each student. We also have PowerPoint / PDF presentations, and videos accessible for additional support.

If you would like any further help or additional information you can call us FREE OF CHARGE on 0800 092 1622 and talk to a member of our team.

Typical applications for the Lampshade Workshop Packs Schools

Supports the national curriculum requirements in Art and Design programmes of study and also Design and Technology programmes.

Art Weeks

Why not make it part of your School’s Art Week?

This is a terrific opportunity to raise the profile of art and design in your school.

Enterprise Weeks

Great idea for School Enterprise Week. Students can use their creativity to design, manufacture and then sell their professionally made lampshades.


Also provides Schools, PTAs and Charities the opportunity to raise funds for great causes through creative, fun, educational art based projects.

Craft Workshops

They offer the opportunity to do something really sociable and creative, with the brilliant bonus of learning a new skill and going away with a professional lampshade made with their own hand. Throw in some tea and biscuits and you will have a great creative and educational social event that everyone will enjoy.

How much do the lampshade student packs cost?Size Units per Box Pack Price Unit Price 20cm Workshop Pack50£166.50£3.3330cm Workshop Pack30£142.50£4.7540cm Workshop Pack30£200.00£6.66

Delivery is Free (UK mainland)                                                                 Prices do not include VAT

How To Order

Go to our website Here

We accept credit and debit cards online, or you can choose to pay via bank transfer or telephone.

Purchase Order

Send us your official purchase order and an invoice for payment will be sent to the address specified.

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