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Product Focus - Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit

Making an upcycled lamps base might sound tricky, but it really couldn’t be easier with our Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit which, in three easy steps, transforms a humble wine or spirit bottle, into the perfect vehicle for your handmade lampshade!

A definite eco friendly and wallet friendly way of making an eye catching home accessory, in today's post we're sharing crafty ideas, maker inspiration and of course, those easy step by steps on how to make your own bottle lamp.



Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit

Made specifically for converting glass bottle with 17-19mm opening, which means most standard wine and sprit bottles, our Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit is extremely user friendly. Available in both black and white, it has also has an ample, two metre cable extending from the lamp holder to the plug.


With the same features of any normal lamps base, to turn your lamp on and off simply use the push switch at the base of the lamp holder. The tight fit of the lamp holder, due the durability and rotation of the plastic ‘wings’ which condense to fit into the bottle opening, ensure that the lamp holder is extremely secure, giving your new upcycled bottle lamp the stability to hold a handmade lampshade. We recommend a 60-watt bulb as the maximum wattage. 


How to Fit Your Kit and Lampshade

It really couldn't be easier - just three simple steps to fit your Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit and handmade lampshade! We used a Hendricks Gin Bottle, for our lamp base and click on the button below to see how we hacked this with copper garden tape!

1. Take your Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor and push the fitting into the neck of the bottle.

2. Push the cable to the back of the bottle and simply attach your handmade shade.

3. Unscrew the top half of the lamps holder, place the lampshade utility ring over and secure be reattaching the removed section.

Watch our YouTube Video

If you're looking for creative ideas for your bottle, before making them into a lamp or extra tips on fitting your Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit, simply watch our short, 4-minute video below.

Make a Handmade Lampshade

Make the ultimate finishing touch, by making a lampshade, using a Needcraft Lampshade Making Kit in a fabric you love! Pick from our 14 shapes and sizes of lampshade making kit, including drum, hexagon, coolie, empire and even squares and rectangles.

Use the principles in our How to Pick a Perfect Sized Lampshade blog post, that is packed full of useful hints and tips to ensure the ratio of your lampshade compliments your new bottle base!

A Little Bottle Lamp Inspiration

Already popular with our Lampshade Makers, who use the Needcraft Bottle Lamp Adaptor Conversion Kit to pair with their handmade lampshades, we couldn’t resist sharing with you some of the fantastic bottle-lampshade combinations they have created! Gin seems to be the theme, and of course have the added benefits of having to drink the contents of the bottle first!




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