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DIY tutorial – Bottle Lamp Adaptor + Lamp Base Upcycle

Updated: Jan 31

Our bottle lamp adaptors are a great way of enjoying your favourite spirit and making a table lamp, surely a winning combination? For today’s post we’ve taken this one step further and added a simple, but effective decorative touch to our handmade base using copper tape, more commonly seen in gardens as a defence against pests.

Converting any bottle to a lamp is quick and easy using one of our bottle lamp adaptors leaving time for you to make up a bespoke lampshade making kit, as well as getting creative with your chosen bottle. This is the perfect budget project for a wannabee interior designer and will make a stylish addition to any room, plus, it’s a great way to upcycle too!

What you'll need

Spirit bottle – preferably black or white

Copper tape (commonly used for gardening)


Ruler or tape measure


Blu tack

How to make your DIY bottle lamp base

1. Take you spirit bottle and strip it of any labels or stickers, in hot soapy water. To remove any residue use nail varnish remover or vinegar, to ensure a clean surface to work on.

2. Measure the circumference of your bottle with soft tape measure or use the magic formula Pi (diameter x 3.141). Whichever you use add 1 cm to your total as an overlap

3. Plan out your design cutting strip of copper tape to your desired widths. Use the blue tack to position until you’re happy with your layout.

4. Our design is made up of two horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the main part of the bottle with strips running between on a diagonal, 4cm apart.

5. Start by positioning your top and bottom copper tape lines.

6. Then starting at the centre front of the bottle position your first diagonal line, continuing around the bottle at 4cm intervals.

7. Add dots/ triangle to the gaps if you want to add something extra. We added a straight strip and reused the zig-zig edging of the copper tape roll to add two short strips to the bottle neck.

How to fit your bottle adaptor

1. Take you bottle lamp adaptor and push the fitting into the neck of the bottle.

2. Push the cable to the back of the bottle and simply attach your shade.

How to make a lampshade using a lampshade making kits

To go with your newly upcycled bottle lamp, finish off your project by making a lampshade from our many shapes and sizes of lampshade making kit. Unless your bottle is short and squat we recommend a 20cm shade for a standard spirit or wine bottle. Take your pick from drum, hexagon, coolie, empire and even squares and rectangles.

For each of the above shapes of lampshade we have a easy to follow step by step You Tube video to support you.

We made a 20cm drum shade that we finished with our black Chic self - adhesive tape, to create a border around the bottom, to pick out the horizontal lines in our base.


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