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New Product - Introducing Pleated Lampshade Sleeves

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

It’s NEW product time and today we’d like to introduce you to our Pleated Lampshade Sleeves which are smart lampshade solution, in more ways than one! Made using neat accordion pleating, our Pleated Lampshade Sleeves are quick and easy to put together and will add instant sophistication to any room!

Offering an eye-catching interior alternative to a shop-bought lampshade, our Pleated Lampshade Sleeves work in tandem with our stylish French Drum frames, which taper outwards from top to bottom and are made using our Chic Fabric range, which have been selected for their excellent lampshade making qualities.

Each size of pleated sleeve - there are 4 in the range - has the been calculated with precision to be perfectly pleated and stretch around your selected size of frame, so the wider the diameter of the frame, the more pleats your sleeve will have, ensuring a full and balanced lampshade.

The choice of nine colours have been influenced by our most popular selling Chic fabrics and the range includes effortless neutrals; white, off white, cream, black and navy and more trend lead shades; scarlet red, dark grey, bottle green and indigo blue.

How to fit your Pleated Lampshade Sleeve

Quick to fit to the corresponding french drum frame, follow our step by step guide below to find out how.

1. Reverse your sleeve so that the fabric side of the shade is on the outside

2. Gently stretch out the sleeve and slide over your corresponding sized French Drum Shade, with the notches at the top of the shade.

3. Laying the shade carefully on its side, lift the bottom of the shade past the bottom ring.

4. Start to click the keyhole notches at the top of the shade onto the frame.

5. Continue around the shade, locking the shade onto the frame.

6. Stand the shade on the table and gently push, using both hands around the shade to ensure all of the notches are locked in place.

7. If the pleats have bunched up, then simply redistribute around the frame for evenly balanced shade.

French Drum Frames

Helping to accentuate the Pleated Lampshade Sleeve, the classic French Drum Frame has a gentle taper, with the difference between the top and bottom ring diameters, being just 10cm, for whichever size of shade you choose. The French Drum Frame is a popular amongst soft lampshade makers and has other uses that include traditional fabric pleated shades and sectional lampshades.

For a table lamp, a French Drum Frame can be with a shade carrier which can be used to connect with UK and Euro lamp holders. Handily, the frame can also be used with Harp & Finial Systems predominately used in the USA by using a Duplex Converting Kit. Find out more about how to use a shade carrier in our blog post.

To hang as a pendant light, from the ceiling you'll need a Spider Lampshade Duplex Adaptor, used in conjunction with a French Drum frame.

Customise it !

As usual we love the chance to play and combine our products to make something completely unique! By using our new 19mm Self Adhesive Textile Tape, we created two different finishes for our Pleated Lampshades Sleeve.

Edging your pleated sleeve

Adding a strip of self adhesive textile tape along the bottom edge of the shade give it an instant elevated look. Start at the seam and apply a width of 1.5cm of adhesive tape to the front of the shade. Fold back the remaining 4mm carefully to the back.

The key is make sure that the width at the front of the shade is larger than the folded tape at the back, which avoids this been seen when the light is switched on. Another tip is to apply the tape to the front of the sleeve first, then fold back the remaining amount.

Adding a decorative stripe

Our second hack, is to create a defined strip within the pleats themselves, again using 19mm Self Adhesive Textile Tape. This time we applied the tape, approximately 7mm from the bottom edge, starting at the seam.

Simply push the tape over the crest of each pleat smoothing into the dip, but be careful not to stretch the tape as this could pull the pleats out of shape. A squeegee or butter knife will make sure the tape is adhered into the pleat, creating a crisp, neat finish. We found that rather than painstakingly measuring the position of the tape, a simple trick is to fold the pleats together to make sure the tape is lined up horizontally.

Product Round Up

Before you try out our new Pleated Lampshade Sleeve check out the our size and colour ranges below.

Share your shade

Don't forget to share your Pleated Lampshade Sleeve with us! We'd love to see what you do with yours and where you place it in your home. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinteres


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