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NEW Dannells Workshop Directory - Learn to Make Lampshades

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Are you keen to learn how to make a bespoke lampshade? Look no further than our NEW Dannells Workshop Directory where you can find expert lampshade makers from across the UK, who run lampshade making workshops and courses. Search for short, fun drum lampshade workshops or more in-depth multi-day soft lampshade skills courses - there’s something to suit every budding lampshade maker!

Simply click on the pins on our Dannells Workshop Directory map and see what workshops and courses are available in your geographical area, then contact the workshop host to book your place!

Explore our Workshop Directory

Our Dannells Workshop Directory lists the type of lampshades you can make and the skills you'll learn and here’s a taster of the variety of lampshade making workshops and courses our members offer:

Hard Lampshade Making

Hard lampshades are so called because they are made using a 'hard' PVC inner, which is adhered to the fabric and our Dannells Learning Directory has makers who offer a wide variety of hard lampshade shapes including:

  • Drum

  • Conical

  • Empire

  • Double-sided Drum

  • Square

  • Oval

  • Mini Fairy light

Soft Lampshade Making

Soft lampshades are also known as traditional lampshades, as these preceded modern making methods of lampshades using PVC, using a variety of techniques to create different lampshade finishes such as:

  • Tailored

  • Gathered

  • Pleated

Creative Techniques + Lampshade Making

Many lampshade makers create lampshades using additional creative techniques and craft skills, applied to the fabric in advance of making the shade, resulting in two for one lampshade making courses for example:

  • Cynotype Drum lampshades

  • Block printed drum lampshades

Course and Workshop Delivery

Whether you opt for face-to-face learning in a group (often with the lure of cake!) or a bespoke 1-1 course online to really focus your skills, our Lampshade Makers share their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways:

  • Face-to-face

  • In small groups

  • 1-1 tuition

  • Online

Student learning to make a lampshade online
Online learning with

Join our Lampshade Learning Directory

If you’re already hosting lampshade making workshops or courses of any sort, take your place on FREE Learning Directory by clicking the button below.

Make Use of Our FREE Events Calendar

Teaching others how to make lampshades is a super satisfying way to pass on your knowledge and skills, as well as spending time in the company of other crafters.

To sit alongside our Dannells Learning Directory you can also promote your specific workshop or course on our Lampshade Making Workshop Event calendar, which offers the opportunity to list more specific details such as dates, times and location, as well as the chance to upload photographs of previous workshops and courses.


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