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NEW Product - 25cm & 50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kits

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our newest DIY lampshade making products, the 25cm and 50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kits, extending our current conical range, to offer smaller and larger sizes, that are suitable to use as table lamps or pendant lights.


Whether you choose to super-size your handmade conical lampshade, or make a daintier, smaller version, our NEW sizes of Conical Lampshade Making Kits help you, whether you're a first time crafters, or professional maker, to create unique conical lampshades, in a your favourite fabric or paper. In today’s blog post, we'll share each kit's specifications, along with making tips, instructions, and our Conical Lampshade video short conical reel, that show you just how easy it is to make your own bespoke conical shade!

25cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit

Designed to meet the needs of our professional lampshade maker, but also to echo the popularity of smaller conical lampshade trends, our 25cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit, has a 12.5cm duplex ring at the top and a 25cm plain ring at the base and needs just 70cm by 32cm of fabric or paper to make.

Measuring 16cm high, this kit had been designed to comfortably sit, when being used as a pendant light, lower than the bulb, and lower than the lamp holder on a table lamp, offering a clean aesthetic.


50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit

The 50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit is a real statement piece, making an attractive alternative to a Drum Lampshade for a standard lamp or tall table lamp. Using a 25cm duplex ring at the top of the shade and a 50cm plain ring at the bottom, the surface area of the shade is perfect for large scale prints, or colour blocked fabrics. And with a height of 30cm, it’s a lampshade that certainly packs a punch!


How to Make a Conical Lampshade

Similar to our full Lampshade Making Kit range, our NEW Conical Lampshade Making Kits are super easy to make! Complete with a pre-cut panel, that includes our clever kisscut peel away margin, you don't need to measure a thing. Just cut down to size, and press your fabric and you're ready to start making.

Watch our video short to see how your DIY Conical Lampshade will come together!

Tips for Making Conical Lampshades

As you can imagine, we've made up plenty of our NEW 25cm and 50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kits, and here's our tips, straight from our testing labs.

Tip 1

Ensure you tape the larger of the two duplex rings as they are similar size. If in doubt measure the diameter of the ring before taping.

woman making DIY lampshade


Tip 2

When making a 25cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit, alongside using your Rolled Edge Tool, a useful alternative is a butter knife or artist's pallet knife. This helps you reach the top ring from the plain ring, to tuck under your fabric margin. For more tips read our post Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Professionally Tucked in Lampshade Edge 

Tip 3

When rolling the rings, lean these towards the top of the shade, which help both the simultaneous rolling and keeping the rings on the PVC

woman rolling rings on handmade lampshade

Tip 4

Ensure that the PVC is completely adhered to the top ring before closing the seam, as on occasion the PVC can pull away due to the slope of the shade.

Lampshade Fittings for Conical Shades

Shade Carriers and Table Lamps

A duplex ring is used in all Conical Lampshade Making Kits, with the secondary smaller ring (110mm diameter) being a universal system to work with all heights of Shade Carriers.

Any Dannells Shade Carrier will attach to the lamp holder of a table lamp or standard lamp, and the wide variety of heights - 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8” 9”, 10” & 12” - allow you to change the height of the lampshade in relation to the table lamp below.


For our 25cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit, we recommend our smallest size of shade carrier - 4”. For our 50cm Conical Lampshade Making Kit, due to the 30cm depth of the shade any size of Shade Carrier between 5" and 8" will be suitable.

Spider Fitting for Pendant Lights

A Spider Lampshade Fitting is the mechanism for attaching to any Needcraft Conical Lampshade Making Kit to a pendant light fitting. This simple fitting is sandwiched between the two parts of the removable parts of the light fitting, and the conical lampshade is then slotted over to hang in place.  


Find out more about Shade Carriers and Spider fittings in our blog post - Shade Carrier Systems Explained


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