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Mother’s Day tie-dye gift idea tutorial

Make something special for Mum with this gorgeous mother’s day tie-dye gift idea tutorial!

It’s easier than you think to make this striking tiered, tie-dyed lampshade. Guest blogger Ella, uses our tiered lampshade kit and some impressive tie-die action to create the perfect mother’s day gift.

Mother’s Day tie-dye tiered lampshade tutorial

There is of course no average mum so make sure you give yours a truly unique mother’s day gift with this awesome hand-dyed, tiered lampshade!

In this tutorial I’ve used the tube dyeing technique to create a unique fabric design – not only does this method produce different results everything time, but it also leaves no section of fabric the same – leaving you with a truly individual mother’s day gift.

I used a pewter grey fabric dye on heavy, white cotton which created quite a deep colour with a soft finish, but of course you can use any colour you like.

Follow this 8 step tutorial to make

the perfect Mother’s Day gift

To dye the fabric, you will need

– A heavy duty tube (a plastic pipe or mailing tube would work) – Some fabric dye – String – A bucket

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1: Wrap the fabric around the tube and secure with the string. Scrunch the fabric along the tube so it sits at the bottom.

3: Give the fabric a really good iron, removing any creases, and choose your favourite sections of the tie-dye pattern to use for the lampshade

4: Lay out all the Needcraft tiered lampshade kit components and instructions. I like to make the panels first, so lay your fabric face-down (pattern-down), make sure there are no bits of dust/ thread/ hair etc on the back of the fabric as these will be there forever if not removed now. Place the self-adhesive panel on top, to check for size and positioning, it can help to mark the position with pencil once you are happy. Peel back a little of the release paper on the panel, position on to the reverse of the fabric and slowly remove the rest of the release paper, bit by bit, pressing the panel onto the fabric as you go, so it sticks firmly. Turn over and smooth out firmly again, removing any creases or bubbles.

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5: Snap back the scored edges along the panel and remove. Place a strip of double-sided tape on one side edge of the panel, as per instructions. Set aside.

6: Cover the internal rings with the double-sided tape. Remember If your covering is directional you need to think about which ring to place at the top or bottom of the panel. For the larger shade, the utility ring (where the bulb fitting goes) needs to be placed at the top, and the connection ring (where you’ll connect to the smaller shade) needs to be placed at the bottom so make sure your covering/ pattern is the correct way up before continuing to the next step.

8: Push the surplus fabric carefully over the rings, one side first then the other, all the way around the rings. Use the kit’s tool to tuck the fabric between the ring and the panel for a neat finish.

I felt my dark fabric needed a little lift so I covered the bottom outside edge of both shades with double-sided tape and some bright pink pom pom trim.

Happy Mothers Day!


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Mother’s Day DIY tie-dyed, tiered lampshade tutorial. Make the perfect mother's day gift with this fab mother's day craft idea.


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This post was brought to you by the wonderful

Ella Johnston Art.

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