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#MakeWithDannells August Winner - Bridget Arnold

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This month's winner, @bridget9696 has taken our #makewithdannells Instagram competition by storm, with her striking collection of 'honesty' lampshades and lanterns, made using Dannells kits. We're completely taken with Bridget's Cyanotype technique and how the light shines through the intricate details of the honesty seed heads. Congratulations Bridget - your £50 prize, to be spent at is on its way to you!

Far from a beginner, in both Cyanotype and lampshade making, Bridget now successfully runs her own Cyanotype workshops, alongside creating a growing collection of stunning Cyanotype homewares, prints and stationery. Read on to find out more about what inspired her winning entry and her creative journey so far.

Image Credit: @jimwileman

Are you a new to using Dannells lampshade making supplies, craft and hobby products or are you seasoned user?

I am probably what you could call a seasoned maker now, having been making my Cyanotype lampshades since the end of 2018. This year has been particularly busy after an article in Landscape Magazine, about my Cyanotype lampshades, came out at the start of the new year. Customers started ordering my lampshade straight away and also booking onto Lampshade Workshops that I run, in which you come along to and then design and make your very own cyanotype lampshade.

What can you tell us about the Dannells product that won you the #makewithdannells August competition with?

My Cyanotype Honesty Lampshades and Lanterns are rather wonderful and very of the moment. The plant used is honesty also called Lunaria annua or Moonwort, Silver dollar and Money plant, and it is the seed head that I use. The plant represents honesty, money, and sincerity - in witchcraft is considered protective for keeping away monsters!

Honesty is a biennial plant that starts flowering in Spring and then creates the most wonderful seed heads which you might spot in the hedgerows now, or if you are lucky in your own garden. I managed to get some new fresh seed heads which made it possible for me to cyanotype new fabric to turn into lampshades and lanterns.

How would you describe your creative style?

I am a Botanical Cyanotype Artist using plants and natural objects like seaweed and feathers. I like to capture plants using Cyanotype chemicals and sunlight onto material and paper. This is an alternative photography process dating back to 1840s, when it was pioneered by Botanist and Artist, Anna Atkins. I would say that I am following in her footsteps.

Although Anna created scientific books recording seaweeds from her herbarium collection onto paper, my work is mainly captured onto textiles, and I then use the cyanotype material created to make wonderful lampshades.

What is it you like most about Dannells lampshade making supplies, craft and hobby products?

The Lampshade Kits from Dannells are just right for me, I do prefer the drum shape as it makes a good backdrop for the prints on the materials.

I also prefer the white PVC backing, as this lets the light flood through the white prints of the plants that are created during the cyanotype.

What other creative hobbies do you dabble in?

I also make cyanotype cards and books, ranging from small notebooks to Coptic bound individually covered sketchbooks. Sewing is another aspect that I dabble with, coming from a silk painting and textile background, so I make Cyanotype Cushions and Denim Aprons with a cyanotype pocket.

I was previously a potter making smoke fired ceramics and I am also a community artist; I have done several flag projects making large flags for the community to hang in the streets for celebrations How have Dannells products helped you developed your business?

I didn’t realise that my Cyanotype Lampshades would prove to be so popular. I initially made a couple for myself for my B & B bedroom to make it look a bit special. And they worked so well, that I haven’t stopped making them since!

Dannells products have massively helped me to develop my business, by allowing me to begin with a starter set at a reduced amount and Diane, the Dannells Customer Service Manager, has been a real help with good advice about what works and what doesn’t. The Facebook Lampshade Forum is also great as I have learnt a lot from other Lampshade makers by highlighting issues and learning how to fix them. How will you be spending your £50 winning voucher?

I think I may have to spend it on some new lantern kits as I am almost out of them now and Christmas Craft Fairs are being booked now!!

Take a look at Bridget's stunning cyanotype lampshades and lanterns featuring the beautiful plants and seeds she forages in the hedgerows, at Give her a friendly follow on her social too!

Instagram - @bridget9696

Facebook - @BridgetArnold

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