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Lampshade Style Guide – Hexagon Lampshades

You might think Hexagon Lampshades are a modern interiors trend, but in today’s Lampshade Style Guide, we find out more about how this practical lampshade shape has been used creatively for over 100 years. Alongside it’s history, we share Hexagon Lampshade uses, tips and a how to video, as well as some fantastic Hexagon Lampshade inspiration from our expert lampshade makers, that we're sure will persuade you to make your own!

Basic History

Although hexagon lampshades are likely predate the infamous Tiffany lampshades, that were produced between 1893 and the early 1920’s, it was these lampshades that influenced hexagon lampshades, during the years that followed.


This shape became a popular vehicle for the art deco style of the 1920’s, and from the 1930s through to the 1950s, met the needs of with artists who hand painted lampshade, as the six sides providing them with blank panels on which they could show off their artistry,

Fast forward to today and the hexagon shade still has a place in our modern homes and can add an unusual, yet stylish twist to your lighting, that makes definitely makes an impact.

Style Description

Hexagonal shades consist of two hexagonal frames, which are of equal sizes as in our Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit, creating a lampshade with straight sides. The alternative hexagonal lampshades has frames of two different sizes, usually with the larger frame siting on the bottom, forming a ‘hexagonal frustrum’ shape, where the side panels slope from the top to the bottom of the shade.

The main differences in making these hexagon lampshade styles are that our Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit is made from one continuous piece of Stick It® Lampshade Making PVC LINK , whereas ‘hexagonal frustrum’ shades can be made with either a continuous piece or with individual panels.


Advantages and Uses

Offering a totally different look and feel to a traditional drum or empire shade, our Hexagonal Lampshades, are modern and unique, as they are rarely seen on the Highstreet.


Making a perfect pendant, table lamp or, if you size up to our 40cm diameter Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit, this also makes an eye-catching alternative for a standard lamp. Your fabric choices can be as varied as an all over pattern, or highlighting a motif fabric design, by centralising your design carefully on the central panel.  

See out creative blog post on how to hand print your fabric, before making up your DIY hexagonal lampshade.

Hexagon Shade Sizes

Ranging from a small 15cm diameter Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit , which would be suitable for small narrow gaps or as a fresh take on a wall light, through to 20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameters, each of our kits contain everything you need to make your lampshade.


Including two rings, a pre-cut self-adhesive professional PVC panel, a 3-metre roll of tape, a finishing tool, for tucking the fabric under the frame and a set of photo instructions. All you need at home to make your shade is a woven fabric to suit the size of your shade, a clean flat surface and a pair of fabric scissors.



Tips for Making Hexagon Shades  

Although the hexagonal shade is a simple to make up as a regular drum shade, we’ve a few hints and tips to help you get professional results:

Position your frames on top of each other and make a mark in the same position on each frame. An easy way to do this is to find the point where the epoxy coating (the white plastic that covers the frames) meets. Mark with a pencil and use this as your staring point when rolling the rings

Line up as precisely as possible the pencil marking in the centre of one of your frame side with the short edge of the PVC, before starting to roll. Make sure both rings sit on the seam at the same position on the ring to avoid a wonky rolled shade!

When attaching your frames to the Stick It PVC, makes sure your corners are nice and tight and flush to the frame. With a drum shape, this isn’t an issue, but for the Hexagon shape it’s good to make sure each corner of the hexagon is sitting tightly against the PVC.


How to Make a Hexagon Lampshade

Watch Sam, our Lampshade Demonstrator, as she takes you step-by-step through making an Hexagon Lampshade Making Kit, in our YouTube video below.


Hexagon Lampshade Showcase

To inspire your Hexagon Lampshade Making, we love these examples from our professional makers, that show you haw you can bring your Hexagon Lampshade Making Kits to life, with plain, geometric and patterned fabrics, and how you can add extra wow factor with our Metallic Stick It Range.


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