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Lampshade Hack #8 - Jubillee Ribbon Pinch Pleat Shade

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We couldn't let the Platinum Jubilee slip by without celebrating the occasion, so we've taken inspiration from a vintage lampshade style - the pinch pleat shade - and added our own modern ribbon twist. Using royal blue striped ribbons, matching bias tape and a Conical Lampshade Making Kit this shade hack is packed with new, but easy to grasp skills and we think the result is definitely fit for a queen!

What you’ll need to make your Ribbon Pinch Pleat Conical Shade

Lampshade fabric

Ribbon – 2cm wide

2.5cm wide Bias Binding (the circumferences of the two lampshade rings plus 8cm)

Household scissors

Tape measure


Cotton thread or embroidery thread


Pencil or tailor's chalk

How to make your Ribbon Pinch Pleat Conical Shade

1. For the Conical Lampshade Making Kit, make up the lampshade using a woven fabric to step 7 in the kit instructions.

Note: If you would like a folded seam edge, follow the step by steps in our Lampshade kit hack #1 - Folded fabric seam edge tutorial. If not continue to Step 9 in the kit instructions.

2. Cut away the fabric seam allowance from the top and the bottom of the shade after Step 9. This will be replaced by bias binding in the final stage. Continue to make the lampshade to Step 20.

3. Measure the diameter of the top and bottom ring and work out the circumference of each, by multiplying by Pi (3.141). Divide this 8 and keep a note of each measurement for each ring. These will indicate the equal gaps between the ribbons, at the top and the bottom of the shade.

4. Using a pencil, lightly mark the seam join on the top and bottom ring. Then continue the marking around the rings using your measurements for each.

5. Repeat on the bottom ring again starting at the seam.

6. Add 4cm to each ring circumference measurement and cut two pieces of bias binding for the top and bottom of your lampshade. Set aside.

7. Measure the depth of the lampshade (you can also find this measurement on the box) and add 4 cm. Cut 8 pieces of ribbon to this length. Place a pin 2cm from the top and then another a further 6 cm down. Check that you're happy with the depth of your pin by laying this onto the shade.

8. Measure 8cm from the top of each piece of ribbon and mark with a pin. Line up the pieces to make sure that all of the pins match.

9. Carefully fold the ribbon in half where the pin is positioned. Repin to hold in place. Repeat on the remaining pieces of ribbon.

10. Neatly stitch the edges of the ribbon together, where the pin is placed.

Note: However wide or deep the stitches are on the first piece of ribbon, this will need to match the other ribbons. Less is more in this case! Repeat on all 7 remaining pieces.

11. Starting at the seam line, position 2cm of the ribbon over the top ring and stick down using the tape on the ring. Use the pencil marks to line up the centre of the ribbon.

12. Repeat with the next ribbon making sure the stitches on the ribbon line up around the lampshade. Continue with all the pieces of ribbon.

13. Cut back the ribbon to approximately 1cm.

14. Gently tuck the ribbon on the inside under the ring, using the rolled edge tool. Be careful not to drag the ribbon up, which will misalign the stitches.

15. On the inside of the ring, position a piece of 9mm double-sided tape (found in your Lampshade Making Kit), the width of the ribbon on each tucked in ribbon, at the top and bottom of the shade. This will provide a sticky surface for the bias binding to adhere to. Remove the red backing tape.

16. Starting at the seam, apply 6mm tape to the top and the bottom of the shade, taping over the ribbons. Peel away the red backing on the bottom edge.

17. Again starting at the inside seam, apply the one folded edge of the bias tape to line up with the edge of the tape. There should be no tape visible to the eye. Repeat on the top of the shade.

18. Tuck the bias under the shade. Be careful not to lift the bias tape on the front of the shade away from the tape, by tucking to vigorously. Stop around 4 cm from the seam on both rings.

19. Before tucking in the top ring, cut the bias tape in line with the struts to the inside edge of the frame. Cutting any further may encourage the bias tape to fray.

20. Apply a piece of tape to the bias tape on the inside seam. Trim back and fold the longer bias tape end, so it neatly sits over the tape. Remove the tape and sticks in place.

21. Voila - your finished Jubilee Ribbon Pinch Pleat Shade.

Adding Bias Binding

If you're new to adding bias binding to a lampshade, take a look at our step by step tutorial on how to add a bias binding to a drum lampshade, before rolling the rings. A great way to practise your skills, the same rules apply when adding bias binding to a shade that's already made up.


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