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How to Use a Rolled Edge Creasing Knife to Cut Lampshade Panels

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

If you’re wanting to explore bespoke sizes or shapes of shade, or simply enjoy cutting your own lampshade panels, then you need to know about the Rolled Edge Creasing Knife. Essential for adding the perfect fabric margin to your lampshade panels, to give your lampshade a professional edge, this clever tool scores the perfect ‘kisscut’ into your lampshade panels, which is then removed. Quick and easy to use it's a great professional tool to have in your Lampshade Making arsenal.

What does a Rolled Edge Creasing Knife do?

Used for putting a score (or kisscut) at a set distance from the edge of a lampshade panel, once done this allows you to snap back Lampshade Making PVC along the kisscut scoreline. By carefully removing the PVC strip a fabric margin is left, that is then tucked behind the lampshade frame, giving a crisp professional top and bottom edge of your shade

What are the benefits of using a Rolled Creasing Edge Knife?

Professional maker or lampshade making enthusiast, the Rolled Edge Creasing Knife will allow you to create the exact kisscut you need in any lampshade panel, whether it’s curved or straight-edged, saving you time and energy measuring out the perfect margin!

It’s also particularly useful if you’re working with a thicker fabric and want to increase the kisscut margin at the top and bottom of the shade, to allow more fabric for tucking under. The Rolled Edge Creasing Knife enables you to put a score in the panel of up to 2cm.

And if you're a fan of our Lampshade Designer and Pattern Forming Tool and print your bespoke templates at home, the Rolled Edge Creasing Knife, then allows you quickly and easily add a kisscut to your panel, especially on curved edged shades such as empires or conical shades.

Some of our Professional Lampshade Makers also find the Rolled Edge Creasing Knife, if they are preparing bespoke panels for workshops or if they create their own lampshade making kits to sell along with fabric they have designed.

What do I need to consider when using the Rolled Edge Creasing Knife?

There are 2 adjustments you need to make, the depth of cut and the distance from the edge of the kiss cut.

  • The depth of the cut is how far the knife will penetrate the Lampshade Making PVC.

  • The distance is the measurement of the kisscut from the edge of the Lampshade Making PVC. For the majority of lampshades, the standard kiss-cut is 14mm / 15mm.

How to set the distance

To adjust the distance of the kiss-cut, firstly measure the distance from the inside metal

edge guide to the blade. If you require a different distance adjusted the using the instructions below.

1. To adjust, unscrew the thumbscrew, metal washer & spare plastic washers on the right-hand side of the knife.

2. Remove the guide and then add or remove washers to the distance required to create the kisscut.

  • To shorten the distance put more washers on the outside of the edge guide.

  • To increase the distance move more washers to the inside of the edge guide. Once you have the required distance replace the brass thumbscrew.

3. Replace the guide, put spare washers on the outside and tighten the thumbscrew.

How to set the depth of cut

1. To set the depth of cut, loosen the black wheel on the left-hand side of the knife. This will

enable the blade to be moved up and down.

2. Put the panel to be scored into the guide and then press the blade into the material to be

cut, and then tighten the black wheel.

3. The tip of the blade needs to be pushed into the panel to score the material (kisscut)

How to use the knife

1. Keeping the edge of the panel in line with the guide.

2. Ensure the knife is at the same height and pull along the panel. The guide on the knife will ensure you have a straight scoreline. Aim to keep the knife level with the panel while you pull.

3. When complete snap back the crease line to break the PVC edge and remove.

Play the Vimeo!

If you're a true visual learner then we've also got this Handy Vimeo video which shows you exactly how to use your knife in under 4 minutes, so pop the kettle or even better still be ready with your knife and lampshade panel and score along with Sam, our Lampshade Demonstrator!


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