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How to make a Papershades lampshade

Close up of Papershade being made

Remember Ros and her fab collage Papershades lampshades? Well, she’s back to tell us exactly how to make your own Papershades.

Papershades is launching now! with a range of six different floral designs based on original artwork by Rosalind Freeborn. Buy your own pack here containing ​one paper lampshade flat packed for self assembly, including two unique Papershades wheels and five printed panels and you can create your own lampshade art!

Being a paper collage artist I love to use all kinds of paper in imaginative and unusual ways. I adore the pure colour of tissue paper, the texture of wallpaper, the patterns on wrapping paper and vast array of images which can be ripped from magazines. I mix, mingle and mess up my canvases to create my work.
Table with Papershade lampshade and pile of books

The making process

Ros creates her paper collage artwork which is then printed onto special Papershades paper, cut to size and packaged along with two Papershades wheels – one large, one small – which grip the sides of the panels to create a lampshade shape. The lampshades work well as both table lamps and with ceiling pendants. When you buy your pack it contains simple instructions on how to assemble your new lampshade:

how to make a Papershade instruction sheet

The process is so simple you won’t believe it! The printed panels are simply slotted into the ingenious top and bottom ‘wheels’ to create your lampshade! So what are you waiting for? Buy your pack here and make your very own lampshade art!

Papershade being made in a studio.

Ros is also running workshops in Muswell Hill, north London and soon to be other places further afield. If you are interested take a look here. The ideal number of people for a workshop is between 6 and 8. This gives time for plenty of relaxed chat while the making process is underway.

I give each person their own workstation complete with a box of mixed papers, scissors, glue and all the materials needed for the making process. Everyone makes just ONE template using any paper or materials they like the look of. So far no one has chosen the same design or approach and I have been delighted with the creativity that’s gone into the making of very individual Papershades.

Once the design is complete Ros then prints five panels onto Papershades paper. The design is cut out to the template and the five panels are fitted into the wheels. After a jolly day lampshade making you leave with your very own Papershades lampshade safe in the knowledge that there is nothing else like in the entire world!

Watch Ros’s lovely video on how to make your Papershade:

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