How to make a Christmas lantern!

Learn how to make a festive, Christmas lantern with Daisy Jane Shades.

Hello! I have a small Lampshade business called ‘Daisy Jane Shades’ and at Christmas time I like to make these Christmas Lanterns. They have proved very popular and are a lovely Christmas Decoration to add sparkle to any mantelpiece or shelf.

This is how I made my Reindeer lantern

You will need a piece of Christmas fabric of your choice. I buy a Fat Quarter of fabric which will usually make about 3 lanterns, depending on the pattern. I have used this ‘Scandi 3 Reindeer Linen’ made by ‘The Henley Studio’. You will also need:

Needcraft Lantern kit Scissors Ribbon Glue

Take the ironed fabric and take off the backing from the PVC. Carefully position the PVC on the wrong side of the fabric. Make sure that your pattern is in line with the edge of the PVC so it doesn’t look wonky! Press down firmly.

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Cut the excess fabric neatly around the edges of the PVC. Fold and break the seal along the scored edges of the PVC, and carefully peel off the two strips of PVC. Trim off any frayed fabric edges.

Take the double-sided tape provided and stick down along the edge of one of the short sides.

Take two of the metal rings in the kit and stick the double-sided tape around each ring. Remove the top tape protective layer from the rings and start to roll by pressing each firmly on to the PVC along the long edge, and rolling towards the taped seam edge. When you reach the end, peel off the tape’s top layer, and roll and press the seam firmly.

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Merry Christmas and happy making!

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Here is the finished Lantern. You can use battery tea lights, but I prefer to use these Needcraft LED wire lights, as they are more twinkly and add a touch of warmth to a Mantelpiece or shelf.

Here’s another great lantern-making post using hand-stamped paper tissue.

To watch a video on making these amazing lanterns see here.

Want some lantern making inspiration? Look here and here and here.

Some examples of other lanterns made by our amazingly creative customers:

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